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NDA Exam Success Stories: Inspiring Journeys of Armed Forces Officers

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NDA Coaching Chandigarh

Join Best NDA Coaching in India along with SSB Interview Preparation

With a rich legacy dating back to 1967, NCA Academy has established itself as a premier institute in providing top-notch coaching for aspiring officers. Our track record speaks for itself, with over 39,000 students realizing their dreams under our guidance.

Catering to students from esteemed institutions like Sainik School Sujanpur Tira, Kunjpura, Kapurthala, Chittorgarh, Gorkhal, RMC, CBSE/ICSE, and state boards, NCA Academy has consistently delivered exceptional results. Year after year, we proudly contribute 10% of the total selections in the NDA written and SSB interviews. Moreover, we take immense pride in training the second and third generations of future officers.

A Glimpse into NCA’s History of NDA Coaching in India

At NCA Academy, we offer year-round coaching programs specifically designed to prepare students for the NDA Written exam and SSB interview. With our experienced faculty, including former defense personnel, we provide expert guidance to ensure your success. Starting off in Sector 15 and later relocating to Sector 35, our academy is now settled in Mohali Sector 90, offering state-of-the-art facilities, smart classrooms, and essential amenities to facilitate effective learning.

NCA Academy was founded by Colonel HS Dhaliwal, a visionary leader committed to nurturing competent officers for the Indian defense forces. With a focus on holistic development and rigorous training, we equip our students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their respective fields.

Enroll in NCA Academy and embark on a transformative journey that will pave the way for a successful career in the defense forces. Join us to receive unparalleled coaching and guidance that will maximize your chances of cracking the NDA Written exam and excelling in the SSB interview. Together, let’s shape your future and fulfill your aspirations of serving the nation with pride and honor.

NCA Academy: Empowering Sainik School Students to Clear NDA Written Exam and SSB Interview

Sainik School students from Sujanpur Tira, Kunjpura, Kanigiri, and Kapurthala choose NCA Academy for NDA coaching. They excel in clearing the NDA Written Examination and SSB Interview.

Our Recent Success in NDA Exam: Celebrating Achievements

Join the ranks of successful candidates from Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and across the country who have chosen NCA Academy for NDA coaching in India. We are known for our exceptional track record and guaranteed results. Prepare with the best and ensure your success in the NDA exam.
NDA Coaching Chandigarh

Aman Podia from Sainik School Karnal

90% Questions Covered in Our Notes!

Our notes cover 90% of the exam questions. Guaranteeing comprehensive coverage, they significantly boost your chances of selection. Excel in your NDA journey by enrolling at NCA Academy. Secure your future—enroll today!
Diksha Thakur NDA Coaching from Ganganager
Akshat Attrey NDA Coaching Panchkula

Meet Our Experienced Faculty at NCA Academy: Continuing the Legacy

Key Features of NDA Exam Coaching at NCA Academy


Over 39,000 Candidates Selected for NDA Coaching Across India

More than 39,000 candidates have been selected for NDA written coaching all over India. This means that we have been chosen to receive training for the NDA exam, which is conducted for admission to the National Defence Academy. The coaching is available in various locations throughout the country.

India's Top NDA Coaching with Highest Selection Rate

Best NDA coaching in India with the highest selection rate. We are known for our success in training students for the NDA exam. Our teaching methods are effective, and they have a high rate of students passing the exam.

Daily eight hours of classes for NDA Coaching

At NCA Academy, you’ll attend classes for eight hours each day as part of your NDA coaching. These classes are designed to help you prepare for the exam, and you’ll receive instruction and guidance from experienced teachers. The training is intensive and focuses on providing you with personalized attention to help you succeed. Overall, you’ll get a lot of support to help you do your best on the NDA exam.

Doubt sessions every day

Every day, NCA Academy provides doubt sessions. This is a opportunity for students to ask questions and clear up any confusion they may have. These sessions can help students understand the material better and perform well on their exams.

Weekly test on all India Pan Basis

We conduct a weekly test for all students across India. This helps students assess their progress and compares their performance with others.

Excellent Study Material with 90% Exam Coverage

NCA provides study material that assures 90% of the exam questions will be covered in their notes.


Guarantee selection if you are scoring 50% plus in our papers.

At NCA, we promises to ensure your selection if you score over 50% in our tests.

SSB Interview Coaching Emphasized from Day One

NCA Academy also focuses on SSB Interview coaching from day one. This means that they prioritize teaching candidates how to prepare for the SSB interview right from the beginning of their training.

Former officers, GTOs and psychologist’s mentorship program

At NCA, we provide a mentorship program for students that is led by former officers, GTOs, and psychologists. They offer guidance and support to help students succeed in their NDA training.

Monthly mock tests & 10 national-level full tests

NCA conducts regular practice tests every month and provides ten full-scale national-level tests. These tests are aimed at giving students an opportunity to practice and prepare for the NDA exam, in order to improve their chances of success.

Get recorded classes after your live class

At NCA, you can access recorded classes after your live session. This means you won’t miss anything important even if you couldn’t attend the live class. It’s a great way to catch up on any missed material and stay on top of your studies.

Weekly assessment sheets of students

NCA Academy evaluates students every week. They use a sheet to record progress. The sheet shows how well the student is doing in different areas. This helps teachers understand how to support the student better.

Weekly progress reports of students

Every week, students write reports about their progress. These reports show how well they’re doing and what they’ve learned. They use simple words to make it easy to read and understand. The reports help teachers and parents know how to help the students keep improving.

Best in class hostels with nighttime studies available

NCA Academy offers top-notch hostels where students can study at night. These hostels are the best in their class and provide excellent facilities for comfortable living. You can rest assured that you’ll have a great studying environment at NCA Academy’s hostels.

Exhaustive library

We have a huge library with everything you need. You won’t miss a thing because they have it all. It’s like they’ve got a lot of books and resources to help you study and learn. So, you can count on them to have what you need.

Discussion on previous years questions along with results

In our classes, the teachers discuss questions from old exams and clear up any doubt’s students may have. This helps them comprehend the exam format better.

Former students discuss cracking NDA written exam weekly

At NCA, former students talk about how they were able to pass the NDA written exam by studying together every week and sharing tips and tricks.

Former ex-officers and their programmes in the defence forces

NCA Academy has programs for ex-officers to join defence forces again. These programs help them refresh their skills and knowledge for a successful comeback.

Extra-curricular activities along with physical emphasis

Academy offers physical activities as well as other fun stuff outside regular studies. They focus on developing physical strength and skills, in addition to hobbies like music, arts and crafts, and sports.

NDA Written Coaching Programs in India: Unleash Your Potential at NCA Academy

The NDA Coaching Academy in India helps students prepare for the NDA Written exam and SSB interview all year round. NCA Academy has experienced staff, including former defense personnel, who guide students to pass the exam. Initially located in Sector 15 and later in Sector 35, the academy is now settled in Mohali Sector 90 and offers top-notch facilities, smart classes, and basic amenities to make learning easier. Colonel HS Dhaliwal founded NCA, and the academy has produced competent officers for the Indian defense forces.