• Located at House no. 1001 sector 91, Mohali . A newly built campus for students.
  • It is in a big palatial house with separate attached bathrooms and is constantly under the supervision of C.C.T.V. Cameras.
  • There is 24*7 electricity back up available to all the rooms and 24*7 warm water supply is provided by the solar heater .
  • All rooms have a Locker and key arrangement under supervision . With a mess within the campus to serve neat and clean food.
  • There will be a chowkidar all the time available to take care of the Candidates .
  • A library is provided within the campus and also basic tasks have been provided for candidates to be done there itself .
  • A multimedia room is provided within the campus for students to enjoy their sunday evenings and see movies.
  • A separate stands have been provided for papers, so that the student can updated .


No Student will be allowed to use mobile phones after 9 P.M. (as we believe study time should not be used to waste in FACEBOOK and Whats App) which is a waste of time.