New Careers Academy is the best CPFF coaching institute in India for theĀ  pattern of cpss system with advanced machines and simulators to help control the system and help the students improve there reflexes on the machine with better hand and eye co-ordination which the prior need for the candidates.

CPSS Coaching

Training for CPSS at New Careers Academy will prepare the candidate for the CPSS experience at AFSB. Practice is what makes one improve and get good quality over his reflexes. We provide similar tests, as there at the S.S.B.,with proper rudder pedals and joystick controls . Also a proper simulators are provided to mount on the challenges at SSB Interview. We will soon be starting CPSS training at New Careers Academy, please call us on +91-9501070051 for details about training dates and fees.

What is CPSS (Computerised Pilot Selection System)?

It is a major step towards ensuring the safety of our skies. The CPSS was conceived with a view to adopt a better tool for conducting pilot aptitude test in consonance with the modern aircrafts of the IAF. The project was also aimed at addressing the issue of the alarming rate of flying accidents in the IAF attributed to pilot error.

The new Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS) at No.2 Air Force Selection Board in Mysuru which will replace the Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT).

What is the need for CPSS?

The new selection system places special emphasis on psychomotor skills and cognitive abilities of the candidates while screening them for selection into the flying branch of the IAF. The computerized pilot selection system ensures objectivity in results and uniformity in the degree of difficulty faced by the candidates.

Only one chance in CPSS Test

Like PABT test, candidate will get only one chance to clear the CPSS test, if failed, he/she would never be eligible for flying in the armed forces, be it Air force, army,

CPSS Coaching

navy or coast guard. Aspirants will get only one chance to take the test under the Computerized Pilot Selection System. CPSS places special emphasis on psychomotor skills and cognitive abilities of aspirants. It ensures objectivity in results. The system will be used to screen pilots for IAF, Army, Navy and the Coast Guard.

Has CPSS replaced PABT Test?

No till now the complete change of the system will take sometime till then the PABT test will continue and candidates will be elected on the PABT test basis.

A candidate who has given or cleared his PABT does not have to give the CPSS test. If his/her test is being conducted it is only for the statical data and not for any other purpose..