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What is NCLEX?

NCLEX is short term for national council licensure examination for registered nurses(RN) and practical/Vocational nurses(PN). It is a standardised examination that is a prerequisite requirement for all nursing graduates. One should have passed this exam so as to get license to start practising nursing in countries such as United States, Canada and Australia.

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NCA is the most premier and best coaching institute for your new generation NCLEX examination. We have a team which excels in providing excellent nursing facilities to help you clear the toughest examination in nursing that is NCLEX in one go.
This examination is toughest for people who do not have the concepts and basics clear , but for students at NCA this examination becomes pretty easy as the basics and the concepts relating to this examination are covered in depth.

The purpose of NCLEX examination is to guarantee all the nursing students who all are wanting to work as registered nurses to have essential knowledge and skillset to provide a safe and effective care to the patient. By passing the NCLEX examination, individuals can demonstrate their competency and willingness in the entry-level nursing practises and work in their preferred country. Before we begin any further let us discuss about what are the basics required for preparing for in NCLEX examination at NCA.

NCLEX Exam for becoming Registered Nurses

Registered nurses (RN’S) all nurses with Bachelor of Science degree in nursing can become RN’S. One is eligible for a wide variety of jobs positions which are accompanied by high salary packages.

Job responsibility as RNs

Performing detailed patient assessment and working with Doctors to provide full care for the patient from the pre-preliminary diagnostic to treatment to follow up visits. Just to name a few tasks one can accomplish.

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Practical/vocational nurses (PN’S)

An LPN only needs to complete one year of LPN certificate programs from vocational school.

Job responsibility of a PN

PN provides basic patient care such as changing room dressings, bedpans, basic needs of a patient.


A licensure is a way in which nursing boards grant permission to the nursing graduates so asked to work in the healthcare sector. The licensure procedure is given in beforehand and a certain criteria has been set. The evaluator will check whether you fit in the criteria or not.

In USA, each state has a different licensure and requirement. In the following case the applicant who needs to obtain licensure should first visit the official state regulatory board website and then comes the procedure or the process related to licensure for nursing job. For example if one needs to practice as a registered nurse in the state of California, one needs to be licensed by the California board of registered nursing. To view an example of the application the requirements for the licensor one can go on the Californian RN board of nursing application web page.

Changes in the NCLEX Format

From 1 April 2023 there has been a change in the NCLEX examination and it is now upgraded to the next generation NCLEX Examination (NGN). In NGN there has been some modification added into the examination pattern, the following ways more clinical based and real case scenario is added into the NCLEX examination.

What is the NCLEX Examination?

The NCLEX examination is a computer adaptive test, it means that the difficulty of the question that’s according to the test takers ability with changing levels. The examination is designed to check and individuals skill set and knowledge across various spectrum of content. The number of questions in NGN or next generation NCLEX Examination vary from 85 to 160 questions.

It’s important to note that there are specific areas and weightage of each area is based upon an individual nursing role and the jurisdiction in which ones is seeking for a licensure.

Preparing for the NCLEX examination at NCA

The NCLEX examination can be a very challenging task if proper information is not provided, but do not worry at NCA we provide effective study strategies for the aspiring nurses which enhance their chances of success to a very high rate.

Tips on which we focus at NCA for NCLEX

Clear NCLEX with us in one go:


Creation of study schedule

One needs to break the syllabus into small sub syllabuses and needs to allocate time to each topic. An organised person or an organise institution helps that each candidate is able to cover all necessary material. Hence NCA is your best host for NCLEX coaching.

Utilisation of Review Materials

AT NCA we provide comprehensive and reliable review books, along with online platform for review process that cover all the content areas for your NCLEX examination.

Sample questions

Get to learn from the best and most reputable questionnaires for NCLEX examination that provide questions with detailed rationales.

Providing Study Group

AT NCA Academy we help you revise the material better by making study group designating responsibility at stages and helping you learn new topics and help you understand amongst peers.

Using Online Resources

NCA Academy helps you take advantage of its online library that offers free as well as affordable study materials along with practice questions.

Time Management

NCA Academy helps you being comfortable while answering the questions within the given time constraints and helps you train your mind in a critical way such that there is always time left while attempting the NCLEX Exam.

Revise and Review the Syllabus

It is important that the core areas are revised through external sources of learning. We at NCA a flashcards, concept maps or summary notes mad up for that purposes. This helps in quick revision of the topic and you can always revisit them and we hundred percent sure of these topics.


Timetable for self care

We pay extra attention to self care and along with that we help you set up and draw a study plan which includes proper rest rejuvenation and activities which will not only help you unwind and retain to the best of your knowledge.

Passing the NCLEX Exam with NCA

Just tan marks for passing the new generation and CLEX is determined according to each individual state or nursing regulatory body. To clear this examination, one needs a necessary level of adequacy in all the mentioned subject areas. The result of the NCLEX examination is the final word as if an individual is eligible through nursing licensure.

The passing standard for the New Generation NCLEX (NGN) is determined by each individual state or nursing regulatory body. To pass the exam, one must demonstrate the necessary level of competency in all content areas. The results of the NCLEX exam determine whether an individual is eligible for nursing licensure and can begin practicing as an RN or LPN.

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