New Careers AcademyNumbers are generally not everything, but being able to overcome the energy with sheer enormity does give a strategic advantage. There are number of other factors to consider when one tries to think of the words strangest military in the world in terms of ( technology, firepower, training , personnel or more) but if one is curious to know about the world largest armies in term of numbers alone, go ahead read the following data .

china army

1.China – Keep in kind these figures are combined sum, including not only army personnel nut also navy, air force , marines , special ops and other regiments People’s Republic of China – 2,285,000 This is something which should not come as an amazement to anyone as the world’s largest populations hence the world’s largest army also belongs to them. China has a population of over 1.34 billion according to an official estimate in the end of last December. All the Chinese men are required to serve a term in the defence service if called on by the People’s Liberation Army also know as PLA, but there are enough volunteers hence never the need for calling the back up.

usa army2. United States of America – 1,429,995 The U.S.A. has the second largest army interns of numb run the planet, a one can see it is very much lesser than the worlds largest army. Interesting point to be noted here is that there are more reserve personnel in the U.S. army as compared to the Chinese Army. Also interesting fact to be noted is that there are more military personnel per cap its as compared to the Chinese Army.

indian army3. India – 1,325,000 One may think of India having the largest armies in the whole world but that notion is not true as India stands at position 3 in number of members who are concerned with active military service. The number of people employees in defence is not surprising as the population in India is Huge and enormous. There are twice reserve military ,members as compared to the active members in India.

north-korea_4. North Korea – 1,106,000 Not too far behind India come North korea. although North Korea is very small Country which should not be able top afford its military. North Korea as a country has a very tiny budget, but it chooses to spend 1/4 of its finical resources on military. In a country we people cant even afford to have one single meal properly, et it spends so much on its military expenses. What is Incredible to know that North Korea has a total of 8 million people as reserve military. It’s army may not be the largest but its reserve army is the latest in the World.

best-soldier-of-russian-army5. Russia – 1,027,000 The present Russian Federation Army comes from the formation of Russian Federation Itself in the year 1992 after the break up of Soviet Union. Along with the million plus military personnel. Russia has more than 2 million reserve force.

southKorea6. South Korea – 687,000 The South Korean is much smaller in Number as compared to the North korean Millitary, but for loong has south koreas received a lot of assistance from USA, thereby this much size of Military. South Korea is shaping up to come into its own in the coming years and have independent control of its own military. Hence more resources are being directed on advancement of resources and its weapon system upgrade.

Pakistan-Army7. Pakistan – 617,000 Pakistan for long has hostile relationship with its neighboring countries particularly India. Pakistan Imports most of its weapons from counters such as China and USA and is all the time looking forward to developing its military taking assistance of other countries, now days particularly China.

iraq-army8. Iraq – 578,269 The Iraqi Military forces have been rebroken and rebuilt over a large number of times in the numerous years. The most recent citation been that of the Iraq’s invasion in the year 2003, which saw the rule of Saddam Husein ending . After his downfall , the United States assisted the Iraqi government to reestablish its military all over again. Presently the military In Iraq is over seen by the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Soldiers_military_combat_field_dress_uniforms_Iran_Iranian_army_0139. Iran – 523,000 Just one spot below the Iraqi Military comes Iran. Iran has pretty much controversial relationship with its neighbors, also with the Unites States. Iran now one of the major powers controlling in the Central Asia.

turkey army10.Turkey – 510,600 Turkey was on of the foremost Central Powers to have fought during the World War 2 so as to resist the Axis powers. After the end of World War 2 Nato was formed and turkey joined the Nato and started to turning its military into a modernized force with the state of art technology. Now it is the 10th biggest army in the world, Since now you know about the 10 largest militaries on the planet, one may also be curious as which all countries are on the other end of this graph. There are a total of 8 countries with no or zero military personnel, some of whose territories are belonging to other countries: Vanatu, Panama, Palestine, Monaco, Mauritius, Iceland, Haiti and Costa Rica.