Will The AFCAT 2 2016 PAPER Be Conducted Again?

Well this question has stuck a chord with a large number of Aspirants with the latest news which could be seen on the third page of the Leading Indian Newspaper Tribune about The AFCAT Paper being Leaked ?.

The AFCAT 2 2016 Paper was taken by Around 7 lakh students took the test across the country for getting entry into flying, technical and ground duty branches and now after this paper only  a few will make it to the Final list for the AFSB paper . The paper was conducted on the 28 th of August 2016 .

will afact 2 2016 be conducted

will afcat 2 2016 be conducted



Now the Million dollar question on the aspirants minds is whether the paper will be conducted or not again ?

Before I Answer This i would like to go through a few pointers before giving my Input on the same topic.

There have been many students who feel that the paper should be retaken because they fell they are hard done by the fact not the paper was supposedly leaked but with the main issue the Paper was taken in two shifts Morning And Afternoon Shift , because of the paper being taken in two shifts it lead to purloining in large number of questions which became known to a large number of students, it could be due to various number of causes may be over hearing of students of the morning shift discussing the paper or the evening shift students having their friends in morning shift who could have told them . To this yes, i agree it does provide a disadvantage to students , many of the students argue that the morning shift students should not be worried or they should have studied harder and scored more . I disagree with that notion also , Why you may ask ?. Well let me Explain it to you WE at New Careers gave out a list of 50 books with authors to be learnt, so that  the students could  could attempt one or two questions and now compare that to the student who found it 1 hour prior to the paper the book with the name of author which would come in the paper, that’s where is the injustice . Also another point being a competitive exam even a single mark makes a difference , this is where a person who may not be so bright but worked hard does not make the grade but someone who did not deserve it makes the Grade.

Now being an Optimist all my life the only consolation i can give to all the Candidates who did study, and burnt the mid night oil is never to lose hope . As what you have gained in knowledge is something that No one can take away from you .  The knowledge is yours and will also help you. Another thing i would like to Quote is the More You Work Hard More Lucky You Would Become. So keep up with the hard work and the SKY IS THE LIMIT FOR YOU.

Now the third thing that I came across a lot of people talking negative things about Defense Organization  and the way the Paper was conducted . Well first of all Conducting a paper for 7 lakh aspirants irrespective of the limited available resources one has to say they have done a commendable Job. Second , Setting a paper itself is not an easy job so that one tests the candidate to the best of the Capabilities. There also has been talk of some indiscipline, well one thing i would like bring to notice to all of the aspirants be rest assured the Defence Organization has very high standards , for them all are equal there have been so many cases where high ranking officer sons dont make the grade, because there  is no partisan attitude . So to blame them is wrong . Yes at the same time I along with large number of Aspirants would like to see the Paper being in one shift for interest of Fairness .

Also while typing this article it came to my notice about a question as to has been given the Highest Civilian Award Bharat Ratna for 2015 with large number of people opting for two options

Both Atal Bihari Bajpayee and Madan Mohan Malvyia

What You may not have noticed and not me also for a long time is the spellings for ATAL BIHARI BAJPAYEE which makes answer D as correct. The Examiner has truly seen the observation power of the Candidate.

Now coming to my Personal View about the Paper being Conducted AGAIN .

I FEEL NO IT WOULD NOT BE CONDUCTED AGAIN . Yes the cut offs will increase for sure expect them to be on the higher side of 140+ AND NOT LESSER and may be we might see separate cut offs for morning and evening shift as the set A and B were for morning shift and C and D for evening shift.

Then Again i am very impressed with the paper as it keeps the candidates on their toes as the question pattern has changed again . With more Gk questions changing from 20 to 25 and more maths questions from 14  to 18 and also the questions having different tricks and shortcuts if one has knowledge would have been able to attempt majority of the Paper.







(These are my personal views, I might be wrong, but i believe in the optimistic side of life and believe actions are more important than just thinking and pondering)