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NDA Coaching

There are many institutes which offer coaching for the written examinations of UPSC NDA. An important aspect of any institute is the experienced and qualified faculty who train the students for the exams. The institute must ensure that every student who decides to go in for coaching becomes confident as well as well-prepared for the NDA Exam. The entire syllabus, conduct mock tests, solves previous year question papers and the like must be conducted by the training institutes. This helps in monitoring the progress of every student.

We offer one of the best NDA training in Chandigarh and we offer mock tests or weekly tests to discuss areas of weakness of the students. We also train our students to learn time management, and ensure their hard work reaps the results they desire.

Our team of experienced faculty offers the students the best NDA training in Chandigarh and trains them how to answer the NDA examination, i.e., question format and type, formulae shortcuts, etc. We ensure our students get comprehensive study material.


For students to prepare themselves for a competitive exam such as NDA, coaching is required in order to have an edge above the rest. A few reasons are mentioned below as to why coaching is needed:

  1. These days, we have 3,00,000 students or more appearing for this exam and this figure is not constant. Hence the exam becomes more competitive every year and even a difference of a mark could lead to either selection or rejection. There are approximately 300- 400 seats, and this makes coaching a requirement for students who are serious about this field as a career.
  2. Coaching institutes offer a team of expert faculty to train the students.
  3. Institutes also provide Exam-specific and extensive study material – notes, assignments, practice sets, and worksheets to prepare for the exam.
  4. At coaching centers, all doubts can be cleared immediately and students can get the fundamentals right.
  5. Students can meet other candidates who are appearing for the same exam and this can be a good motivator. They can exchange information and get an idea of the competition.
  6. Institutes conduct mock tests regularly and prepare the students in terms of approach to the exam and what to expect from it.
  7. Students learn to discipline themselves, build their concentration and develop a study habit. This is not easy when students’ self-study.

NDA Coaching must be taken from a reputed Academy like New Careers Academy. Students should check the Institute’s credentials before the join as there can be many institutes who are ready to pocket a few bucks.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]