Time waits for no one and if someone does not value time tends to never be successful the same is true about ssb process. If someone does not value time then one cannot cross the ssb.

Lets talk about how can one manage time better

Time Management is a necessary criteria, in every sense as the complete ssb process is based on that. Lets start with the SSB Process the first thing that one starts is with PPDT. In which one needs to write the story within a specific time period of  3 min and 30 seconds, or be it Any Psychological test such as TAT, WAT, SRT and also along with it the GTO section is also time bound test such as group discussion, lecturette and also the tasks, such as command task, group task, individual obstacles etc. The complete ssb process is hence time bound and a  candidates reflexes are also completely time bound too.
So simply putting a candidate who is well encompassed with the time management is bound to do well and get selected whereas a candidate not having time management is more or less likely to fail.

Time management means nothing but making a list of things to be done in the right set of order.


Now most of you would be thinking how to manage time and how it will be  helpful in the SSB

1. One needs to make a list of events one needs to and also one needs to make a memory block of the things one needs to do rather than just waste time .
2. One should plan things before hand in such a way where one can express all his idea with the least amount of words and not wasting too much time on vague interfaces while writing story .
3. One should avoid delaying things and take a suomoto cognisance of the situation or task in hand. For example rather than thinking of the previous story one should worry about the next story one needs to write a picture on .
4. One needs to make sure of the time one speaks on essential and non essential things while in an interview . How one frames his words and actions help him/her in resolving the time better than wasting time and opportunity. Talking about things which are no asked does not help at all
5. Same is the case when one comes to group discussion an important point spoken at the right time will fetch more attention than an ill timely point spoken again and again . Choice of words and then again time for which you speak helps one a lot . Too long a point does not help and managing your points in timely and orderly manner is the most important crux of the matter .
6. Again planning in advance for you individual obstacles when your are shown around also helps one cope up with the situation and hence one is able to do all the tasks in advance or within that period of time

I would also like to share an anecdote with you from a life of young cadet . A young cadet life consists of 100’s of activities in a day , with a minimum 4-5 dress changes in a day, but a cadet will never be late for the activities that he has been assigned to do the task will be done well before hand and never will he be late. Thats what time management means to a young cadet so one needs to be well prepared too for it .