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Combined Defence Services (CDS) examination is conducted to recruit appropriate candidates for the Army, Naval and Air forces. This exam is conducted once every year by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) all over the country. For the Indian Military, Air Force and Naval Academy, the exam consists of English, General Knowledge, whereas for the Officer’s Training Academy, the exam consists of English and General Knowledge. If the candidate successfully clears the exam, they will head to the interview process conducted by the Services Selection Board. Here, the test is to check if the candidates are physically and mentally suitable to join the Indian Army forces or Naval and Air forces. The students have to go through many tests which include physical and psychological tests to verify and check if have the ability to become an officer.


An armed force personnel’s life is loaded with adventure and responsibility, hence the candidates who wish to get into these forces must go through different tests and situations to see if they match the criteria. A candidate should be physically strong, courageous, be able to manage a team, mentally stable, be alert, responsive, etc., which are a requirement in the Armed forces and this forms the basis of judgment. Some candidates indulge in self-study whereas some opt for coaching. Although self -study is helpful but by enrolling in CDS coaching in Chandigarh, one can learn how to prepare for the CDS exams. Coaching centers train you to solve your problems in limited time and they have a team of professionals who will help you in any given situation.

Coaching is necessary for CDS exams because:

    1. Institutes offering CDS Coaching in Chandigarh offer the best curriculum and a systematic approach.
    2. They provide recorded lectures, lots of mock tests and professional help to ensure the students are at ease and focus on studying.
    3. Considering the number of candidates appearing for this exam is just increasing in numbers every year, the competition is tough and institutes offering CDS coaching in Chandigarh ensure you get an edge over the others.
    4. Institutes prepare you in areas like time management and conduct mock tests regularly.
    5. Group Discussions and interview sessions are conducted regularly to ensure students are well prepared.
    6. The study material provided by institutes is extensive along with the team of expert faculty who are ready to help.

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