Why Being a Team Player is a must at the SSB ?

The most important requirement of an officer is to be a team player, the whole defence services depends on being a team player . Hence it is important for a candidate to be a team player for him to be able to get through the SSB Process .




Team work is one of the most necessary qualities one requires in the SSB process, hence one needs to work in a group and not be individualistic at all. The team spirit and the ability to work in a group can be seen through varied responses provided by the candidate both in The GTO technique as well as the Psychologist test and by the I.O.

Lets take an example of the PGT ( Progressive Group Task) or be it the command task where a personal is leading the group and as well as the Final group Task or Half Group Task. In all the Above said tasks the ability of an aspirant to work in a group is observed very keenly and the his/her comfort level with the subordinates is seen . Also the ability to influent others toward his own opinion without sounding arrogant to others. The ability to take very one along with you in such cases helps a leader shine and come out of hibernation and such leader can make his team achieve a specific target to one wants to achieve .
Hence being a leader or team man will help you achieve your target that is the final selection or it may lead to a rejection. So hence must avoid giving sermons and make things look un surmountable for the group and not boss the group but most importantly make the group agree with his/her though process.
The ability to work in a team or to be a team player can also be tested through responses in the Psychological test through various questions that are there in the SSB which one faces. Some responses might relating to some sport which one plays with team and the situation might be according to the team which is included in the SRT . One person stimulus according to the situation also helps in knowing persons internal qualities and intentions .

Now look lets look at the various things one can do to become a team player
1.One should be a good listener and willing to accept all ideas and one should accept an idea which may not be his/hers but can help the team work out an effective solution .
2.Be supportive towards your team members encourage them and motivate them, do not let anybody down and give respect to all the members.
3. One should have the ability to convince others and make important points
4. Make sure you have logical explanation to your solutions also make sure there is an underlying logical and rationale approach to your thought process.
5. Be there to support your subordinates make sure they are able to trust you and they consider you determined and focused it will also help you winning over others.