Rapid Fire Round in SSB Interview

Rapid Fire Round in SSB Interview

Rapid Fire Round in SSB Interview

Interview is one of the most important factors which plays a  very very decisive role in the selection of a candidate at his/her stay at the SSB process. The aim of this conversation is to assess the various qualities or officer like behavior which a candidate might posses. The questions in the interview are directed in such a way so as to allow the aspirant to automatically portray his officer like behavior through them. In the interview the interviewing officer will look forward to the training potential the candidate might posses.
In an SSB interview what the I.O.is looking  is the aspirant is knowledge, common sense and his/her power of expression. In the interview the aspirant who is able to speak fluently and express himself in lucid detail will surely score high. At the same time one’s behaviour should also be limiting into the OLQs.

What are the Rapid Fire Questions asked at the SSB Interview Process
Generally at the start of the interview process the i.o. starts with the rapid fire round. As soon as an aspirant enters the room of the interviewing officer, the i.o. will try to make you relaxed, the interviewing officer will volley a round of questions on the aspirant and expect the aspirant to answer all the question’s asked to him/her in one go. The questions will be based on one’s PIQ and ones responses recorded in the Psychology test.
The following is the list of questions the I.O. might ask from you

The Name of the place which you hail from ?
What is the place famous for ?
Institution where you have had your education ?
Your 10th class percentage ?
What are you Favourite subjects in 10th class?
Your Favorite teachers in 10th class,and why so?
Teachers you didn’t like in 10th, and the reason for it?
Your marks in class 12th?
Favourite subjects you had in 12th class?
Favorite teachers you had in your 12th class, reasons for them?
Teachers you didn’t like in class 12th, and reasons for it?
Any competitive exam you have given after 12th class, and what was the result?
Your graduation percentage?
Why did you choose the stream you are pursuing now that Btech/BSc/etc?
Have you Participated in any of the extra curricular activities?
Do you have Any special achievement?
Who all are there in your family (as in family members)?
What do the family members do ?
How do you pass time your free time ?
How do you spend your pocket money which is given to you or in case you earn it?\
Tell me something about your friends?
Who is your best friend, and why is he/she your best friend?

In response of this the I.O. might ask a number of counter questions to the rapid fire questions you can have a look at them tomorrow..


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Capt. N.S.Dhaliwal

Director New Careers Academy