Various Topics For Speeches

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Topics for Speeches (Set – ❷)



Following are a set of topics one can prepare before going for the SSB

Should military training be made compulsory in India?
They also serve who only stand and wait
Aryuvedic medicines are better
How can recruitment in India be encouraged
Importance of games and sports in school and colleges
Should capital punishment be abolished?
A healthy mind in a healthy body
India’s foreign policy is it successful?
Women education
Do rural youth commit more crimes than urban youth?
Honesty is the best policy
Should jungles be cut and converted into agricultural fields
Which is better roads, rails and airways
Should the posts of President and Governors be abolished?
Bride burning
Caste system in India
What will you do if you are made the Dictator of India for 5 days?
Should we nationalize the bus transport?
Is Atom bomb a curse or blessing in disguise?
Mechanized farming
Should inter caste marriages be encouraged for national integration?
Why Pak is anti India?
Election in India?
Rural India
Poor performance of sportsmen in India
Should India produce more female or male doctors?
Shimla agreement – its relevance
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing
A word to the wise, a rod to the foolish
Position of women in Indian society
Prayers help where medicine fails
Mercy killings
Blood donations
Charity begins at home
Parents interference is a headache
Student unrest
Advantage and disadvantage of cable T.V
Life of a bachelor
Should newspaper be given unlimited freedom?
Dog bites dog
Family planning
Growing number of rail accidents
Role of science
Flesh trade
Literature lives while history dies
Which is worst drinking or gambling
How can cattle wealth in India be improved?
Food problem how can it be solved?
Path of duty is a way to glory
Powers of press
How can Sino – India border problems be solved?
Future of English in India
Love marriages are a failure in India
Walking tours
Most needed reform in India
Common Civil Code
Is poverty a handicap?
What type of friend you would like to have?
Role of UNO
Role of army in peace and war
National Integration
Students indiscipline
Regional alliances have done more harm to the cause of peace
Role of teacher in society
Atoms for peace
Does past history of a nation tell us about the future of nation?
Would you like to have no marriage at all?
Prohibition has been a costly experiment
Iraq war
If destiny is predetermined, then why go for prayers?
Role of films in society
Position of women in Indian society
Students Unions
Politics in sports
Nuclear science vs medical science
Convergence technology
Population or pollution, which is the worst threat to society
Peace in middle East
Coalition Government
Generation gap
Judiciary in India
Reservation policy