UPSC CDS(OTA) Online Coaching Review By Diya From Pune

DIYA had joined us for CDS online  written which she will be giving on 14th  Nov 2021. Wish her  god speed and all the best for the endeavours including the upcoming SSB Interview and clearing the CDS written Examinations .

Hi my name is Diya finding more than that to be honest because I was quite blank I needed guidance which subject to practice which do not have any preparing you need to know that in that the key in that way for like cracking the exam. So in that way with interactive very very interactive and easy and fun learning to be honest and staff  really supportive in providing notes and whatever we needed it really helps me with lots to them and i even migrations and I feel in-depth to them and if you want guidance if you want to crack the exam and need  really help you and I wish you all the Best thank you.