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Should Diesel Vehicles be Banned or Not ?


Should Diesel Vehicles be banned or not

Should Diesel Vehicles be banned or not


Is Banning the Diesel Vehicles Rational Or Irrational ?

With the Recent Supreme Court Orders which have stated a complete ban of Diesel Vehicles in Delhi. It has opened a debate as to what needs to be done was it the correct decision or not.
Lets us discuss both sides of the coin in this topic.

As to why is it Rational?

A large number of studies tend to suggest that diesel vehicles tend to pollute twenty times more than the petrol vehicles. Also one important which justifies all this is that diesel cars produce gaseous which are harmful and cause cancer just like arsenic gases according to the WTO Study.

The National Green Tribunal has also dictated a ban on the registering any new diesel run vehicle in the capital city, New Delhi. Increasing level of pollution has alerted the situation that led to this temporary measure to start bringing about changes that could put the situation under control.

WHO has also now drafted the diesel from ‘probable carcinogen’ to ‘known carcinogen’ for causes of lung cancer.

As the increase in the use of diesel is known to have severe health issues on general public,
stress on curbingĀ  the usage of diesel vehicles is justified.

Big suv’s gushing black smoke on the roads, for this supreme Court had observed in an environment related judgement, that delhi has become ‘a gas chamber’. This shows the complexity of a scene where diesel running vehicles, industries dumping waste in countryside, people using personal vehicles rather public convenience, etc.

Now To the Point as to why it is IRRational ?

Banning just the diesel vehicles is not the only thing which can solve the emissions problem.

Also apart from the automobile sector, telecom sector,as well as agriculture and other industriesĀ  are also using the diesel engines which also a large chunk contributor to the damage caused to the environment.

But it will also be affecting the daily wage of thousands and will also affect lakhs of commuters living in the NCR.

Also conversion to CNG will also call for large chunk of money which will be needed by the operators .

The operators having already paid all the road taxes and others fees while registering will feel it as a burden on themselves also with the 12% interest rate which hangs on them for buying the vehicle it will lead to large scale unemployment and will lead to unsocial Activites which are to be avoided by one at any cost.

Also it burdens the already fragile commuters system as the number of vehicles available will be much lesser than required. Hence the commuters will face large number of difficulties which will lead to super burdening on the mass rapid transit system which is in place .

You can also give your views in the comments section below. It is Important oneĀ  expresses his view point without any sign of fear.