Topic For Discussion Should India Spend More On Military Budget


Topic for G.D. At the SSB
Lets us discuss why we should Spend more on the Military Budget

India Should spend more on military for sure as there is no other option because of the following reasons .
With stronger military as the base we an always avoid unwanted wars such ,as the one in 1962  we lost the war to china by having no defence budget it was a big mistake/fallacy on our part . Then the 1965 war with Pakistan it was Pakistan which attacked us .

Even after 1965 we did not give much importance on modernising, the net outcome was the 1971 war which took place. So hence by avoiding modernisation we were pushed to a situation in which war blame inevitable.
Today the economic and strategic borders have become so narrow. The String of pearls completed by china is such an example which shows the economic feature complimenting the military aspect along with it and the opposite is also true. So if India wants to secure the vital energy security and if it wants to raise it concern with a large amount of force, then there is no other alternative than to spend on the blue water policy or The project Mausum is one such example
The more we spend on the military advancements more will be the Job Creation and more will be the output we receive . Also it will help in make in India concept also help us produce more internally than externally.
It helps maintaining a strong strategic foot in the corridor of the world . An example which best suits it is that of Russia, even with a weak economy, but it is having strong military prowess making it a strong force amongst various nations in the world.
Rocket Science is also a part of the military technology which comes under military budget also it can be used for sending weather forecasting satellites, mineral mapping , agriculture damage report etc. So on hence proving a large number of benefits .

Also History has taught us in the past and in the present also that one cannot take it security for granted .
Hence it is quid pro essential to spend on the  Military Budget and make sure our defence commands respect and is one which can strike fear in the hearts of the neighbors.

Tomorrow we will take the topic as to why we should not spend more on the military budget happy reading .

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