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Top Tips to clear P.P.D.T. the first time

Top Tips to clear P.P.D.T. the first time, SSB interviews coaching center india

Dear S.S.B. Aspirants,
We at New Careers Look forward to answering all your doubts regarding P.P.D.T.The team at New Careers consisting of Capt. Dhaliwal, Col. Sharma and Brig. Arjinder singh. Lets first explain what happens at the very first day of your S.S.B. Interview. There is an O.I.R. test comprising of verbal and non verbal reasoning and after that occurs P.P.D.T. (picture perception description test)

Now question arrises what all things have to be kept in mind while attempting P.P.D.T. ?
And, how can one make progressive stories …
Lets discuss with you all about the P.P.D.T story writing
A blurred or a hazy picture is shown to you on a screen for a time duration of 30 seconds, and then a total of 4 minutes to write down the whole story.

First fill up all the details about the characters that you have perceived in the box ( which id drawn on the top right hand corner) as directed by the Psychologist during his briefing.

The next thing to be looked on is the background as the picture is quite hazy and not clear one needs to figure out the place of the picture or the setting that you see. It could be a farm, beach , school or whatever your imagination might strike to be true at time.

The next thing to see is the number of characters you see in the picture make sure you make a note of them.

Identify the hero of the story that you see in the picture give him/her a name , age and identify his mood along with the other characters, make sure your hero is within the picture and not outside the picture (a common mistake made by the candidates.) The hero of the story is pot raying your personality so the story also represents your mental set up, whether it comes out to be positive/negative framed, optimistic approach or pessimistic approach . All would be reflected through your story.

Let start with the story, what is the crux that is required in the story ?
When writing  a story a candidate must make sure he tells as to what he perceives in the picture in the past , present and what according to him is the final outcome in the future .
So friends, it is very important to make a story which shows positive, plausible and has a reality element to it. Do not make stories which are not realistic.

Make sure your character shows  O.L.Q’s (officer like qualities) Make sure he is helpful, is a team leader, has convincing power , has power of reasoning.
Do not unnecessarily make your hero do everything by himself (No one man can be a super hero, and living in isolation or for own glory is also not correct).

What is important is you need to talk as to how the hero is able to achieve his goal, and lay more stress on the work which is done by him rather than just say he is able to achieve his goal

Describing the scene too much is also of no help, as it would cut down your time for writing down the action he/she did in achieving his goal . And make sure there is a happy ending which is in sync with todays scenario.

PPDT Group Discussion
Candidates what is the most deciding factor in this is is the individual story you depict make sure you speak without any hesitation, be confident of the story you have written and  make sure you are to able to mention each and every detail as per the requirement and that also within one minute.(Personal Advise would be when the pay it forward essay paper is collected from you after writing the story and the part where you narrate you story make sure you practice your story and revise it again and again). Once all the candidates have narrated there stories it will culminate in a group discussion.

Be an effective listener when all the people are speaking there stories so that you can figure out the common aspect of the discussion that will be vital cog to connect all your stories.
Look at the commons aspects of everyone story from characters age, mood, common problem (if seen), the theme of the story.

Please do not be a hooligan and start shouting without giving an opportunity for anyone to speak, or cutting across while someone is speaking .

Act as a co-ordinator give the discussion a common point, to which all can agree upon .
Once the group has decided on the common theme, given inputs which show your knowledge and  aptitude.

Do not loose temper during the discussion please do not point fingers at someone while someone is speaking, use your tact in getting out of such situations.

Make sure you do not speak for a long stretch of time, but when you speak every one should be in awe of you. They should look at you for inspiration, make sure you sit straight and look at everyone while you are speaking and do not try forcing your way by coming in front. Be relaxed and calm while speaking. But most important what makes the difference the most is your story and narration.

Do not speak when everyone is speaking , the discussion consists of high and lows speak only when the group is at a low.

Wishing you all the best of luck for your upcoming S.S.B’s and may god bless you all.

Keep reading/perusing more material from our side regarding the SSB Interviews .We will be giving detailed explanation as to various activities at the SSB center.

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