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Question: What should the answer be if Interviewing Officer asks you , “Why should he select you?”

Answer: First of all you need to understand, as to why the I.O, has asked you this question at the ssb center. The real reason why he may have asked you this question is that he would like to know what is your capability and what are the qualities you think a potential officer should posses.

The Answer to this question has to be crafted by an individual himself and it will vary according to every person. So if someone thinks he can graft an answer according to someone else’s personality he is liable to get rejected. We at NCA will like to give some basic answers  to what all you can add to your response. But provided you have been influenced, by any of the following reasons.
Please make sure you start with a response staring with  Dear Sir or Madam, I came to know about the defence forces from my friends/myself or any family member.

From that point onwards i started interacting with a lot of officers in the forces/ got to read information on the internet or from my friends who is now a part of the services. I came to know  about the men in uniform more and more, it helped me admire and be motivated towards joining the services even more and hence i have had this single minded determination of joining the services.

I have came to know that an officer need to be inquisitive, he/she needs to understand and know about his surroundings, he/she should be able to express himself with ease and clarity. His should be socially adaptable and not a recluse, and should be socially approachable He needs to be the one who leads the group and not a individual who is led by others. He/she should lead by example and set a precedent to all the young officers and the men/women he/she commands.

Also sir i have to come to know about the various traditions that are there in the services which have helped me push myself more and made even more eager to be a part of the defence services. 
Sir ‘Armed Forces Careers is full of adventure, life and one can explore himself completely.’

Hence Sir, i have tried to incorporate such qualities in myself and have put my hard mind and soul into it. So that i can wish to be a part of this prestigious organisation and see myself having those stars on my shoulder soon enough and hopefully will be able to live unto the great traditions of the Indian defence Forces’.

(We at NCA will still expect students to install your answers please do not try to copy an answer and speak it like a crammed answer. This is just a brief view as to what all can be spoken, try evolving your answer according to yourself).

The I.O. may ask further questions in addition to this question at the SSB Interview as to what kind of preparation you did before coming for the SSB Interviews, what all changes have you brought in yourself and further many more ..

Keep reading/perusing more material from our side we will be giving detailed explanation as to what all can be spoken by you.

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