top10 Mistakes to Avoid in an SSB Personal Interview

top10 Mistakes to Avoid in an SSB Personal Interview.
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Facing an interview is always nerve-wracking. This is especially so, if you’re about to give your SSB (Services Selection Board). SSB is one of the world’s longest test series, which is held to select the top candidates for employment in the country’s Armed Forces – Army, Navy, and Air Force. Those who wish to join the defense services as Commissioned Officers have to clear SSB, compulsorily. Understandably, the pressure is monumental and stress levels are soaring. However, candidates are more prone to commit several silly mistakes and totally avoidable errors. The following interview bloopers have jeopardized the career of many aspirants.

Might look silly to mention it here but yes, inattentiveness is one of the biggest mistakes. It shows an inability to follow instructions clearly and that’s a decided weakness in any candidate.  Inattentive interviewees overhear questions, fail in group discussions (miserably) and do not inspire the interview board.

Lack of Focus and Precision
Even the most eligible candidate, who has successfully cleared all previous SSB rounds like GTA and WAT, might slip if they are not clear about what they want. Giving vague replies or saying too much is an obvious deal breaker.

There are two types of candidates who are not favoured by the interview board. Talking too much too soon puts off the interview board while not being proactive is a sign of being insecure. It is better not to go overboard with enthusiasm. Always remember, this interview aims to select future guardians of the nation and they must be smart enough to understand the nuances of any situation.

Being Unprepared
Perhaps the worst you can do to yourself is being unprepared. True, SSB does not necessarily ask you to recount complex organic equations or solve calculus sums. However, being abreast of current affairs and the recent history of the Armed Forces is required. You should definitely know more than a thing or two about your future workplace.

Communication Problems
It is a mistake to think that you can get away with sloppy communication. Often candidates, who aren’t able to demonstrate or describe their skills and understand the interview board’s point, are the same candidates who do not make the cut. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring what you hear and understand what you are being asked.

Improper Dressing
Its an interview to join the elite services of this nation and you can’t and shouldn’t turn up in casuals. While SSB candidates are not expected to be suited up but a neat and well pressed formals are an unspoken norm. Don’t chew on gums or mint while in the interview room. Formal shirts and pants with neck tie, shoes and belts are preferred.

Bad Body Language
Looking out of the window, tapping your feet, sitting cross-legged or not making eye contact are wrong body language signals you’re sending out. These show you’re disinterested and nervous and repel the interview board.

Selection for a defense service is entirely different from selection for civil jobs. There are no resumes to show, no achievement to brag about and no references to cite. In fact, SSB is focused on grilling you through a series of tough tests, check your presence of mind, discretion and decision making. Above all it tests your positivism, team work and determination. If you can avoid these common mistakes, you are one step ahead in getting listed as a Commissioned Officer.