tips for pabt/tat story

tips for pabt/tat story

We At NCA would like to share some view on  Story writing during PPDT & TAT: (A individual gets 30 sec to view the picture and 4 min to write a story on the same picture).

We can start the the process by noticing the picture shown to us :

Firstly, One needs to look at the background and see as to what does the picture depict i.e eg. market, stairs, room etc., then one needs to observe how many characters does one see in the picture and what is the work being done by them. After that one needs to choose the character he identifies the most with and choose him as the main character and give the main character a name.( The main character could be a male or female immaterial )

A candidate at times is not able to write more than a few lines in the given time of four minutes , in which one needs to write as to how the scene came into being, a few more lines as to what is happening in the scene at present and what is your imagination and finally a few lines to take it to a  final logical conclusion.

One needs to have a positive, encouraging and plausible story, which preferably should be written in the past tense. This will help the assessor point out your aptitude, your know how and how do you react to the situations around you. The ideas you exercise would give an insight to your social outlook and what is your level of harmony with social progress of people around you.(how is your attitude towards helping others)

One needs to  make sure the main protagonist chosen by you in the picture is at power to do some work i.e he has some power or he has some authority to get some work done.

The thing one needs to avoid while writing down a story is unnecessarily one tries to foresee a problem which is non existent. Do not try to unnecessarily try to interpret negative conditions on to the story. It will show a negative bend of mind, which should be avoided. Eg say for instance 2 persons are walking and you are taking one being stabbed . The action of stabbing is nowhere in the picture, but you tend to interpret that in your photo..

One needs to not justify a Job to the main character provided one knows nothing about that very piece of action. example you write a role of administrator or an IAS and you know nothing as per the working of a civil servant.

One needs to avoid writing story which are centred about themselves, one should depict a story in which one is helping the society and not just himself. Make sure your protagonist is a go getter and not one who likes to bow down under pressure..
The final point one needs to do is to have a written outcome to the story, make the main protagonist of your story a simple human not looking for self appraisal. A letter of appreciation or even a job well done with self satisfaction is good enough to end the story .

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