Why do you want to join the Indian defence forces?

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Question:- Why do you want to join the Indian defence forces?

Answer:-  The question why you want to join the defence forces is asked by the I.O. during your SSB Interview, what he wants to asses with this answer of yours is to see how determined you are towards joining the elite defence services. Is joining the defence forces just an option for you or is it really a passion and mode of motivation for you. So One needs to be completely clear while answering this question.

The best way to tackle this answer is to speak from the bottom of your heart, what has been the one thing that has made you so inclined towards joining the Indian defence Services. The response has to be from your inner core and there is no benefit in looking for any coached responses, because the assessor will be able very easily able to find about the same the thing.
So one needs to do a lot of introspection and one can prepare for the answer, well in advance as to what was the inner change that has made him/her inclined towards joining the elite defence services.

What one needs to avoid while speaking during this answer is that one needs to stop making responses such as I want to die for my country and win the Param Vir Chakra. Remember its not the death by which you can serve the country and also with one saying he wants to win there Param Vir Chakra is for his self recognition and as a self goal. The param Vir Chakra is not even close to the mind of the serving men, its the duty which comes first to them and in cessation with this duty one gets the highest military honours.
One also needs to understand in the services The main rule is Service Before Self. So the answers should be crafted in a similar way and not trying to glorify ones answer.
Another response to avoided is I want to serve my country or my mother land and its the best way possible for me. A doctor/engineer/ teacher and even our class two and three employees are helping the country in his or her way the best way possible. So this answer becomes too vague, and will not give a right impact to the Assessor.

Again the best advice we can give you is to make the answer from your ownself, but at the same time we can help evaluate your answer and make it sound the best way presentable.
The most important tip hers is to speak with your heart, at the same time craft your answer in a way like a perfectionist would do.

Please Remember there is a difference in the two questions as to why should the I.O. Select you to the question why you want to join the Indian Defence Forces.

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