SSB Interviews Tips Regarding SRTs (Situation Reaction Tests

SSB Interviews Tips Regarding SRTs (Situation Reaction Tests

The Situation Reaction Test (SRT) is one of the tests conducted during the second day of the five day SSB Interview Test, it comes under the Psychological Test which we have discussed earlier.

In this test, the candidate is expected to give out reactions to the real life situations, which are spontaneous and intuitive to you.

There will be a total of 60 situations, which a person needs to complete in total of 30 minutes i.e. a 1/2 min for a situation

These situations are day to day to situations which you may encounter in our everyday life, these situations are given in a booklet, in the form of statements numbering 1 to 60 with space given in the answer sheet to complete your reactions

Since there is always a constraint or what we call shortage of time. It tends to bring a persons actually reaction, while he/she may face the similar reaction.

The following things are needed to be kept in mind while attempting such conditions. They are explained below.

The candidates need to fill out their respective answer in the booklets provided to them which are in the form of blank pages given separately, the answers will be marked as responses from 1 to 60.

Make sure you respond to the situations to a correct methodical way, it should be brief at the same time should be complete. The best example for this would be say for instance the SRT talk about going to a picnic, then one needs to talk about starting with select the place and then transport and so on and so forth.

Now lets talk the things one needs to do while attempting SRT’s

One should have a realistic approach towards things

One should always be willing for sacrifice in case ones honour is at stake eg. A girl’s honour is at stake one should not sun away from these situations.

One should always have the presence of Mind and should always try making the best use of articles or conditions around him toward his/her advantage eg. In a  crowded place one can raise an alarm.

One should always towards helping the society as whole or one should be oriented towards helping others

One should give a proper articulate answer, where not only one leads the work but there is end conclusion to the work in a proper circumvented way. Example He/she sae someone had met with an accident he/she quickly took the accident victims to the nearest hospital, at the same time provided them whatever first aid possible at the same time one needs to mention called the police informed them about the accident and also about informing the accident victims relatives. Thereby showing proper action orientated response

Now Lets talk of things one needs to avoid while attempting SRT’s

Do not be illogical with odour responses

One should not show unnecessary bravado or smartness in situations one is not require to do so eg. His friend was involved in a verbal argument with group of people and he decided to jump in and started fighting with all.

One cannot assume things will go according to his own plan, so that it will make situations easier for you e.g.. A thief was running he/she shouted and the passing by PCR nabbed or apprehended the thief

One should avoid responses which show fear or panic in ones response. e.g.. he/she started crying

One should never leave a blank SRT while answering the SRT’s in a systematic order. It gives an impression to the psychologist that the candidate was trying to avoid a certain situation.

Finally the reactions given by you in the answer booklet along with the Information that you have described on your PIQ to all the psychological tests will be cross refereed at the time of your interview by the board along with your behaviour analysis of the GTO and the Interviewing Officer in detail.
Hence, it will truly depict your true personality through your responses. Hence it is best advised not to do SRT’s without an expert guidance and it is better to avoid reading responses of from the net as they may not be in balance with your personality. Hence it is important to have to put yourself under a time limit while answering for such responses

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