Best ssb interview coaching in India, best ssb coaching in india

Best ssb interview coaching in India, best ssb coaching in India


Question. We were asked a question “Sir can I write making friends as a hobby or playing football can i include in the hobbies section of the P.I.Q.”?

Answer :- We would like to start with the term what is “HOBBY” it is an activity which a person likes to do in bios leisure time. It may not involve other participation but useful utilization of one’s mind and body. It is an act of creativity which draws a persons self interest. It can grown with time or even maybe for a short period. Hobbies may include collecting stamps, coins, reading books, gardening or listening to music or keeping fit. Once, you have adopted this interest formally in your life, and it becomes your preoccupation, like photography, adventure sports, gaining knowledge about weapon systems, etc, and you like to carry out research on it and have compiled data / records for future reference, it can be called your “hobby”. Anything which one pursues in his/her spare time,Whatever, that you like to do in your extra time, that revitalizes you rationally, or animates you physically, or empower your faculties and fulfils you feel and loose, is you’re “interest”.

Thus making friends may no be considered as a hobby as it involves interaction with others. You may accept someone’s point of view or not while in  a hobby its your wish. Making friends needs others where as in a hobby you can enjoy on your own. With friends you can share  your views, ideas and discuss various matters deepening upon your closeness with him/her. You many pick up habits and way of dealing from the friends but a hobby is individualistic.

Candidates, we would like to start with the fact that the “Hobbies and Interests” and Participation in games” are two separate columns in the PIQ form. Hence writing making friends or playing games does not fit write in the Hobbies and Interest Categories..

Note:-  To all students we have seen a lot of students writing diary writing as there hobby when they don’t just because one has read on the internet or read some coached answers, but has no knowledge about it. We would advise you to avoid writing such things if you have none such hobby. There are chances your aspiration of just making facts which are not true will lead to your downfall at the SSB.

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