SSB Interview Schedule for Armed Services:

One who dreams for having career in Indian Army, SSB interview is the best option to go with at very early age for officer level. One needs to have complete knowledge what exactly happens in the selection procedure, thus before and after norms must be known to the candidate. From the preparation till the selection each and every step must be in mind of candidate so that he can make himself prepare for every task in any circumstances. A very crystal clear thing that one need to follow is the candidate needs to adapt him with the circumstances that are the change in personality, attitude and knowledge and if one does not adapt changes in themselves then nothing can help them out for selection in interview.

In this article we are describing about the service selection board schedule that is carried out for the selection in armed forces. SSB Interview is basically five days selection procedure which is as follows:

  1. Stage-1 :

Stage-1 is carried out on the very first day that is day-1, On this day selection is scheduled based on the following tests:

  1. Intelligence Test: Intelligence test contains test for verbal and non-verbal.
  2. Picture Perception and description test: This test is conducted for making the candidate analyse on the basic parameters for 30 seconds picture. Time allotted is 4 minutes. Parameters that candidate need to focus on are:
  3. Facts related with past
  4. Facts concerned with future and present
  5. Emotion of characters (mood)
  6. Number of Characters
  7. Age
  8. Sex the characters belong to.
  • Analysing the Picture: The theme and character of story is discussed in this part. The candidates are divided in different groups and time allotted for discussion is 30 minutes.


  1. Stage-2:

That is the 2nd day of selection in which psychological test are conducted for the candidates that passes first round of selection. The tests that are focused on this phase are:

  1. Thematic Apperception Test: In this series of test 12 recommended pictures are reflected in front of candidates and at last they have to write story for each frame including one blank picture. There are certain questions that a candidate needed to include while narrating story, some of them are mentioned below like:
  2. What is the main reason behind the situation displayed in picture?
  3. What would be the result of the happening scenario in picture?
  4. What is currently happening in the picture?


  1. Word Association Test:  In this series of test words having different meaning are shown here approximately for 15 seconds and candidate role in this test series is to write the first meaning that strike in their mind after hearing word.


  • Situation Reaction Test: Situations are provided to the candidates with their concern and they have to write their reaction.


  1. Self- Description Test: Candidate has to describe about himself and about his concerned people.


  1. Stage-3:

This is the 3rd day of the selection which is also known as the GTO Round-1 and candidates who are selected from the stage-2 proceed with next stage and this round of interview includes various tasks for students like:

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Group Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group Task
  1. Group Obstacle Race
  2. Half Group Task
  3. Lecturette


These all tasks are concerned to be happened in group. Candidates perform tasks along with group and at last selection is made on the analysis of the performance of individual in a group.


  1. Stage-4:

This is the GTO round 2 which is the second round-2 and candidates cleared stage-3  proceed with the stage-4 and this round of interview includes the interaction of candidates like:

  1. Individual Obstacles
  2. Command Task
  • Final Group Task

There is range of tasks that contains a set of 10 obstacles that has to be tackled individually with the time frame of 3 minutes.

  1. Stage -5:

This round is the last round while attending interview and few in counting among the large number of candidates reach here in this stage-5. After crossing so many hurdles candidates reach here, thus certain activities included on this day are:

  1. Closing Address
  2. Conference
  • Announcement of Results
  1. Dispersal

This routine of interview is carried out in relax and informal manner. Activities carried out in interview days are basically involved in our daily life.