SSB Interview Questionnaire Structure:

SSB (Service Selection Board) interview is one of the challenging aspect need to clear when one approaches for this round of selection for armed services. There are certain such things that needs to be focused while going through the session of interview and candidate have to adapt certain things if want to go for selection procedure like one should know the pattern that they will going to face on every day of interview as there are 5 days of selection in total and after every day selection there is also elimination round before moving ahead for the next round. The factors and pattern of every day is mentioned below in this article and they are as follows:

  1. Screening Test is held on very first day of interview and it comprises of:
  2. Intelligence test.
  3. Picture Description and Perception Test.

There are certain questions that candidate face while going for this round and they are:

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Non Verbal Reasoning

Pattern that is included in Verbal Reasoning belongs to the syllabus which is described as below:

  • Analogy and Classification
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Number Series
  • Blood Relations
  • Direction
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Puzzles
  • Basic Mathematical Aptitude

Through these tasks candidate ability is determined and for non-verbal reasoning the syllabus followed is:

  • Analogy and Classification of figures
  • Pattern of Figures
  • Cubes and Dice
  • Venn Diagram

Stay calm and patient while participating in the first round and also while discussing the story with group. This is one of the mantra for success in first round.

  1. Psychology test is considered on second day of service selection board. His test is conducted by experts that are specialist in psychology and the best part is that the candidate should be true to himself or herself while performing in this test so that it would be easy to psychologist to judge the personality of candidate. There are four tests that are conducted in  psychological assessment and they are as follows:
  • Thematic Appreciation test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation reaction test
  • Self-Description Test
  1. Day 3 and Day 4 consists of group task or group testing officer test as these tasks are to look after the communication skills, interrogatory skills and many more such techniques that every candidate go through while attending this round and the test are:
  • Group Discussion.
  • Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group Task
  • Half Group Task
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Command Task
  • Snake Race or Group Obstacle Task
  • Individual Lecturette
  • Final Group Task

  These activities are both carried out indoor and outdoor.

  1. Last and the deciding phase of interview that is carried out on day-5 where one after completing all the rounds reaches here. Candidate need to focus on such things that put an impact on the interviewer and they are mentioned as below:
  • Dress Code as this is the first impression on interviewing officer
  • Behaviour or attitude while attending interview and answering questions
  • Thoughts and explanation should be crystal clear while going through answers
  • Truthful to the Interviewing officer
  • Keep smile on your face
  • Don’t panic even if the question is not in your knowledge

Capability of analyzing the scenario.