SSB Interview Coaching FAQ’s

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    Are the online SSB Interview courses time based?

    Yes all our SSB interview modules are time based. Proper time is allowed to each module and the candidates are required to complete the SSB interview Course within the allotted time.

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    Where are the various SSB Boards?

    For Indian Army:
    1. Selection Center East (SCE) Allahabad: (Uttar Pradesh)
    ◦ 11 SSB
    ◦ 14 SSB
    ◦ 18 SSB
    ◦ 19 SSB
    ◦ 34 SSB

    2. Selection Center Central (SCC) Bhopal: (Madhya Pradesh)
    ◦ 20 SSB
    ◦ 21 SSB
    ◦ 22 SSB

    3. Selection Center South (SCS) Bangalore: (Karnataka)
    ◦ 17 SSB
    ◦ 24 SSB

    For Indian Air Force:
    1 AFSB Dehradun: (Uttarakhand)
    2 AFSB Mysore: (Karnataka)
    3 AFSB Gandhi Nagar: (Gujrat)
    4 AFSB Varanasi: (Uttar Pradesh)

    Training Centers/Institutes:
    ◦ Air Force Academy (AFA) Hyderabad (A.P)– Permanent/Short Commission for both Male & Female
    ◦ National Defense Academy (NDA) Khadakwasla, Pune (MH)– Permanent Commission For Indian Navy:
    1. NSB Coimbatore: (Tamilnadu)
    2. 12 SSB at SCS Bangalore: (Karnataka)
    3. 33 SSB at SCC Bhopal: (Madhya Pradesh)

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    What makes NCA live online Ssb Interview Course the best?

    NCA is best in terms of live lectures as the doubts are cleared on the live platform there and that moment itself. The tests are time bound and have the best or the complete information and a candidate can know their weaknesses and can easily rectify it and clear the SSB Interview Stage.

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    What are timings for the SSB Interview Preparation live lecture?

    The SRT’s three series are taught on Monday wednesy and Friday.
    The WAT’s series are taught on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
    While the Interview session need to be booked first and then the time is allowed for the same..

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    How can one pay for the SSB Live lecture modules?

    The candidates are requested to go on the cart and add the courses they want to join in for and choose the modules they think they need maximum help in..

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    Why are the online SSB interview courses time based?

    A very important question with an even important answer is. That in SSB interview all test are time bound to get proper responses from the questions they answer to know more about their personality. If more time is given to think candidates can very their answer hence not fulfilling the process at the SSB Interview Selection Centre.

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    I am having some technical issue while using the SSB Interview Online Coaching Classes, what do I do?

    If any such issues comes please make sure you contact 9501070051 to help you better.

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    Are there any free classes for SSB Interview Online coaching?

    NCA is a leading institution, which has been a pioneer for defence coaching. We like giving our students the edge . Because there is a lot of competition and one needs to stand out. That being said we are providing free webinars on current issues also with spoken English enhancement skills. But webinar related to group discuss, lectures which are a part of SSB Interview Preparation process are only delivered to our students. For. More information of these webinars you can contact 9501070051.