SSB Interview Coaching at NCA Academy:

SSB Interview stands for Service Selection Board, who is responsible to handle the recruitment of all the three wings concerned with defense services that are Army, Navy and Air Force. In this panel all the expertise from defense is included for examination of candidates who appear in SSB interview after clearing written examination. At NCA Academy, expert in subject’s faculty train students for subject knowledge and some of the faculty from defense itself guide students for extra-curricular activities. SSB Interview is long terms 5 – day interview in which different barriers aspect a candidate face while performing in every round of interview. There are different sections that NCA Academy focuses on while attending interview and those are listed below:

  • Group Discussion: It is one of the major tasks that student face while attending interview and many students fail in this section of interview due to lack of skills and minor mistakes that should be avoided while attending interview. Our faculty focuses on the weaker sections of aspirant and more importantly on the one which are required in group discussion. There are some sessions that are carried out for boosting the confidence and overall development of candidate:
  1. Intelligence Test
  2. Psychological test
  • Effective Speaking
  1. Discussions
  2. Group Task
  3. Command Task
  • Indoor Planning
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Speak Sense: One of the important aspect that candidate must focus on while attending or preparing for interview. Our faculty focuses on mainly these small aspects of candidate because they play vital role in the end of result. Assessors experience the way of speaking of a candidate with depth as one should always bare this thing in mind that whatever you say in GD is assessed by the quality not the quantity included while describing your explanation on topic.
  • Don’t be Rigid: One should be flexible with the opinions in the group and should respect each other view. Our faculty train candidates with this view and make them flexible in various discussions of different topic.
  • Chances should be given to other candidates in Discussion: One should keep this thing in mind that chances are must while attending discussion, it should not be so that one keep on giving opinions, let others also explain their views regarding discussion. Observing officers assess things quietly having eye on everyone. At NCA Academy, faculty train aspirants with this fact of giving chance to others so as to get selected in SSB interview.

The various more such points we focus at NCA Academy and our expert faculty make students perfect for attending SSB interview in every worst case that assessor rise sometimes while organizing interview as that is also the part of interview.