I appeared for my SSB at Bhopal for TES 10+2 course they were 332 candidates who appeared for the SSB INTERVIEWS in my batch, 44 were screened in and 2 others with me got recommended for medical stage.

Day 1. was screening, P.P.D.T and I.Q. test were taken, P.P.D.T. had a clear picture and I was able to write a positive story but the discussion was not quite upto the mark & it ended in 5 minutes with no common story, I only got sentences two to speak on but I was confident and also had excellent narration I.Q. test was quite simply and I was able to do most of the question with ease.

Day2 was psychological training, WAT was simple I attempted all of the words accept ‘dames’ which I googled   and it turned out to be a movie. TAT was interesting as I wrote creative stories & they skewed or rather reflected who my personal nature. Most stories were inspirational and genuine . In the SRT   I wrote only 34 out of 60 but to all situations gave them a realistic and humble answer. I did not go out of the way to write the answers. Many Candidate, i  told me i did too less but i was very confident as Capt. Sir had told it was the content that mattered.  There were no S.R.T.’s which i had not practiced. Self-description was basically the truth about what I think mine and people’s opinion about myself is. GTO tasks went on for 2 days

DAY 3 were GD, GPE, GDT, lecturette. GD was so-so as people were not coordinating considering any view. In GPE they did not come to my story as a common one but I did put if views strongly, In GPT I participated well gave a couple of idea and was mostly in front or  leading the sub group, lecturette was great as I spoke for full 3 minutes with confident without fumble.As I had practiced and mastered the art here at NCA.My topic was good security bill as I found it was of average difficulty.

DAY 4 was half group task command task, snake race and individual obstacle. In HGT I gave mostly all the ideas. Col. Sharma Sir’s idea were a lot of help. Command task’s briefing was good and also the interaction with GTO sir. In PGT I was again one of the participating individual, In snake race I participated fully and motivated others. In the Interview  I.O. I was asked about mostly everything that was about me in an informal manner.I answered everything truthfully, with the best of my knowledge. As was told to me at New Careers Academy. He asked questions ranging from my friends and family. I was well prepared as I had knowledge about these questions.  He seemed happy after in interview.

DAY 5 was conference they discussed about me for 20-30 minutes. They called me I greeted them. I was confident and cheerful. I also replied to their questions with ease and finally result was  called out as the announced and I got recommended and it was the. happiest i have ever been.

About my coaching experience at New Careers Academy?

New Careers Academy helped me a lot in providing the basic of what is going to happen and what all happens there at the S.S.B. and it was their hardwork upon me that resulted in my recommendation. NCA helped me out a lot with my gaining my confidence and getting to know about the process of SSB INTERVIEWS. They gave enough emphasis on each and every aspect of SSB and they how helped me release that it is possible lead the way to my selection, My maternal uncle also took coaching and cleared his SSB in the first go 20 years back and he suggested me for NCA and thus I went for it and it turned out to be a great decision. I would like to give the credit totally to NCA and it was their welll devised plan of action  that made it at all possible.



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