The psychological tests are conducted on the second day of the five day testing schedule that takes place at the Service Selection Board. These tests are conducted keeping a very scientific approach that is used to asses the candidates qualities, keeping a check on his/her subconscious mind in the forefront.

The main objective of these tests is to asses the calibre of the candidate with a view of his Personality traits that are also described as OLQ’S.

The tests are conducted within  a certain time frame in mind. Hence, a candidate tends to spurt the actual qualities and feelings he/she has during that period of time. The psychologist thereby makes a proper picture of the candidate by evaluating his/her response in terms of his/her notions and reasoning ..

The Psychological tests consists of four activities through which a candidate is put through, they being as follows:-

Situation Reaction Test (SRT).

Self Description (SD).

Word Association Test (WAT).

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).

In this part of the blog we would like to discuss the SELF DESCRIPTION Test In detail

In the self description test a candidate needs to write down, as to what is the option of the following about him/her

Your Parents
Your teachers/your employers (if working)
Your friends/your colleagues (if working )
You yourself.

The Candidate has to mention both the positive and the grey areas in which he/she need to  be worked on are to be written in approximately three to four lines at the maximum, within a specific time frame.

The things which you as candidates need to keep in mind while writing the SDT down are as following :-

Make sure you do not write more than three to four lines describing each category i.e the above stated people make sure you write to the point and keep it short and simple.

Do no try to copy someone else’s SDT or from the internet, it should be from the inner core of your heart without any manipulation. A trick which you can do is take some feedback from the above stated people in your life.

The SDT should be constituted of some major positive points of your personality and one odd grey area of improvement you have in each of the opinions.

Make sure you do not write adjectives you have read on the Internet showing OLQ’s but the better way of writing is you describe as to how these qualities are considered a part of personality with examples. For e.g. . My parents when they go out leave the complete house in my custody (shows reliability) and in case you write about your grey areas make sure you do not use strong words to describe your personality, that shows too much negativity and show qualities in you which cannot be changed. Example My friends think that i stay confined and do not interact much.The better way of saying this answer would be “ My friends think that i am a bit reserved and speak only when the time is relevant, but i have made a conscious effort, to talk more and make the other person feel more comfortable.

In case during the interview, the IO asks you about your weaknesses, you should also be ready with some examples from your life,regarding your weakness what was the conditions regarding these negatives also with how were you able to manage or overcome the negative.

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