Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview process is one of the most competitive examination part, but truly not a mission impossible either. A proper preparation for the interview process can assist you to do well in this long and tough exam. This discussion will represents some of the killer personal interview tips for SSB that will enable you to participate in the exam with enough confidence.

  • Obtain clear idea about SSB’s interview tests. It is not a short or one-day process. Make sure that you know the whole procedure of this interview. You need to participate in a series of exams across few days. Learn more about exam schedule and various tests that you need to face.
  • Ensure that you regularly maintain a perfect ‘practice session’ for expected result. Understanding the interview process closer is core aspect, but exercising them is surely much better. Study components are obtainable in a variety of sources. You can choose ‘coaching classes’, purchase CDS and NDA planning guides or find research content online.
  • Do not neglect present matters. This is ‘current affairs’, what many applicants neglect. They will exercise for all those assessments, but keep behind present noticeable events. Having excellent common attention and information of current affairs is a power for interview process.
  • Every SSB interview highlights on some typical subjects. These typical subjects are – India, Indian State policies, Indian current matters, History of India, Indian Armed Forces etc. Generally, questions about these subjects are asked during the personal interviews.
  • Having excellent, specific knowledge about your home city is excellent. During personal interview, questions relevant to the own state or city are commonly asked. Before the interview, applicants are requested to complete a Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ). Details like own city, state etc. of the applicant must be filled. Therefore, the applicant should be fully prepared about his own region and its current affairs.
  • Be sincere, easy and ‘be yourself’. Do not act as superman and intelligent. Having these characteristics will assist you significantly during interview and the entire SSB factor. Be sincere and real while completing PIQ detail form. Do not talk about factors you never performed. Speaking wrong and giving false information will be back to bother you during interview. Show only what you are actually. Performing like another person will do much damage than good.
  • Confidence is one of the most important factors that can be your part to be successful in interview. Acquire excellent oratory skills that will surely assist during group task, discussion and also interview.