NDA 1 2019 Answer Key/Solution Key

The candidate from all over India have appeared for the Nda (1) 2019 examination Answer Key, on 21st April 2019. The paper of nda (1) 2019 has 2 sections to it first is mathematics a total of 120 questions for 21/2 ,and the second paper of GAT with a total of 150 questions for 21/2  hours each. The GAT nda (1) 2019 paper is further of 2 parts 1. English 50 questions (200 marks) 2. GK section (100 question (400 marks). The students after the paper will be looking for the most accurate and correct answer key for NDA (1) 2019 we at NEW CAREERS ACADEMY will be provide with the best and accurate answer key to each other.

NDA (1) 2019 Paper Analysis

NDA (1) Maths Paper Analysis

According to the analysis of NDA (1) 2019 maths paper analysis the paper was pretty much as the predicted lines with 30 odd questions ,were easy as expected less than a minute, whereas 50-70 come in the category of medium difficulty.

Whereas 10 odd come in what we consider the lengthy questions or time consuming.  We will post videos on the basis of the difficulty so that students get a better understanding of the paper.

here is the pdf for The Gat Paper New Doc 2019-04-22 11.34

NDA (1) 2019 GAT Paper Analysis

The NDA English section was on the expected lines 50 questions of English. Their were 30 questions of English out of which  30 questions were in simple category and the remaining in moderate category. The GK section was dominated by science section students with non medical should have scored heavily in this. The social science were from NCERT and direct questions were asked with a sprinkling of current affair in the paper.

NDA (1)2019 marking scheme

The NDA (1) 2019 along with the answer key to all sets A/B/C/D  after the candidate has analysed the entire paper and solution .The candidate should mark his paper on the following pattern NDA (1) 2019  maths marking scheme.

For each correct questions a candidate should give himself +2.5 and for each negative response –2.5/3

So if for example you have attempt 60 questions

48 correct    12 wrong

For correct 48 x 2.5=120

For wrong 12 x –2.5/3=-10

Total marks =110 out of 300

NDA (1) 2019 GAT marking scheme

The NDA (1) 2019 GAT paper marking scheme would be different with 150 questions each questions carrying 4 marks each and a total of 600 marks .for each correct questions c candidate gets +4 marks and for each negative response = -4/3

So far mistake if you have attempted 90 questions 60 correct and 30 wrong

For correct 60 x 4= 240

For wrong 30 x -4/3=-40

Total of 200 marks out of 600

NDA (1) 2019 Expected Cut Offs (Overall and Sectional )

From going through the overall paper and examining the various previous years Cut offs we can make the following observations regarding the cut offs for this years paper .

The overall cut off for the NDA (1) 2019 paper we assume on the higher side should be 340-360 Marks.

Whereas the sectional cut off will be at minimum of 30% IN EACH paper meaning 30% min marks in paper 1 and 30% overall in paper 2 irrespective of the section you have scored in . It could be that majority of your marks are in English and may be in General Studies it would be a combination  of marks in both the topics meaning entire of paper 2. We expect a higher sectional cut off because of an easier mathematics section paper.

Following below we have published the previous years cut off’s including sectional and overall as released by the UPSC.

NDA (1) 2019 Maths Answer Key Set wise A/B/C/D

The NDA (1) 2019 Maths Answer key published by New Careers Academy is as following most accurate and best have been marked below

Also NDA 1 2019 Maths Video Analysis  also have been provided by us in three sets

  1. The easiest sets of Questions less than a minute total of (55) these alone can confirm your selection for nda paper Questions in Mathematics Paper to be attempted for Sure.
  2. The questions having moderate length
  3. The question which were lengthiest

We are doing these synopsis so that student get to know which questions they should have attempted and doing questions. In Mathematics each question is of equal weight-age hence it is required to score heavily in the paper and one can do that by attempting the easiest and shortest questions first and then moving on to the difficult ones.

 NDA 1 2019 GAT Answer key Set Wise A/B/C/D

The NDA (1) 2019 GAT answer key has been provided by New Careers Academy it is the most accurate and best key .

Also NDA 1 2019 GAT Video Analysis have been provided by us at NCA, for the best analysis we have divided the videos in sections

  1. Vocab for English ( Antonyms and synonyms )
  2. Spotting Error
  3. Grammar Section

For Nda 1 2019 Gat Analysis

  1. Political Science
  2. Geography
  3. History Section
  4. Current Affairs and
  5. General Science

What to do After The NDA 1 2019 Paper Answer Key?

After you have checked the Nda 1 2019 Paper you can evaluate your marks, and know how much you have scored overall.. If you are scoring more than 330 marks overall with minimum 25% in each subject. Then you should start preparing for the next stage of the nda 1 2019 process that is the S.S.B. Interview process which would be there for students who have cleared their preliminary round of written examinations. These students will need to prepare for SSB Interview Process it contains a 5 day process along with 2 rounds.

Round 1 :- Screening Process

Round 2:- Conference Process

if you clear round 1, you will be assessed by Three Officers, Interviewing Officer, Group Testing Officer and Psychologist, who will prepare a record of you in which they will be looking into certain officer like qualities in you.

You can also look at the various set of questions asked by the Interviewing Officer during the process.

And the final stage is of the medical for nda 1 2019, which will lead to final merit list to confirm your selection.