nda ssb interviews

nda ssb interviews

Congratulations to all the NDA aspirants who have qualified in the written exams held by the UPSC. It is a matter of great pride in the success achieved by you. you have already covered half a mile on your road to becoming selected at the SSB. However it is now time not for relaxation but to move ahead through meticulous training so as to achieve your Goal. So get going for the same and Focus at the undermentioned aspects to prepare for NDA SSB INterviews .

Keep yourself physically fit. Go out for jogging or long walks to do so. This will train your muscles and coordinated these with your respiratory system so that you are ready for physical tests at the SSB
Read english newspapers and magazines to update yourself on national and international issues.
Start speaking in english with your friends and relatives so as to improve your speech. Also Read english papers loudly for about 15 minutes everyday. Your vocabulary and fluency will improve.
Speak to people who are knowledgeable and participate in the interactions with as many people as possible to develop confidence.
Learn to dress up smartly. This does not mean wearing expensive clothes but clothes that are presentable and fit you properly.
Learn to develop a good personality. To Develop this, see people with good personality and notice the traits they possess. Have an insight into your own self and develop or improve what you need to. Smartly dressed up, good Speaking skills, adequate knowledge, decent manners and etiquettes, confidence and ability to deal with daily life situation will help you develop a fine personality.

At the NCA you will get trained for a period of ten days for your ssb. The Training is planned meticulously to develop your personality and train you to undertake tests at the ssb with full confidence. You will be put through extensive training on personal interview, Psychology, and GTO tasks. Elaborate arrangements for outdoor task. The training at NCA is total practice and no cramming. A team of best faculty will attend to you. You will feel a total transition in yourself after the training is over- Ready to crack the ssb for NDA SSB INTERVIEW

Three generation have passed through our NCA and have made the service proud. You can be one like them. So come take the first step and join the NCA ..
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NDA SSB Interviews