NDA 2 2021 answer key ( Complete Solutions ) All Sets

NDA written examination was held on 14th November 2021. The first such instance where both girls and boys applied for the paper to get into the national Defence Academy. The paper was divided into sections. The first section comprising of 120 questions and 300 marks what is the mathematics section. The second section comprising of 150 questions total of 600 marks. The section being of English 50 questions and general studies hundred questions.


NDA 2 2021 Video Answers of Each section 

The paper of NDA 2 2021 had four sets. Set a, set B, set C and set D. Each Set had the same number of questions and same questions only difference being in different orders.
The solution key and the answer key for the NDA 2 2021 paper has been provided by NCA just after the completion of the paper. This is the most accurate of the answer keys provided which will help you understand your score in the given paper .


Scoring For NDA 2 2021 Paper 

The candidates can match their answer keys with the solution key provided by us. For each correct response in mathematics the candidate can give themselves +2.5 and for every negative candidate can reduce -2.5÷3. For the section B each candidate can give themselves +4 for correct marks and -4÷3 for negative marks.


Official answer key for UPSC written Paper NDA 2 2021

The answer key provided by us is the most accurate and reliable answer key. The candidates can verify this far from  our answer key. Official answer key for the NDA 2 2021 paper will be announced on the UPSC website generally in the month of March 2022.


NDA 2 cut-off 2021: Expected UPSC NDA 2 2021 cut-off marks are here

NDA 2 2021 paper official cut-off will be announced by end of December. The paper for the UPSC NDA 2 2021 conducted on 14th November, 2021 on a Sunday.
The paper was conducted in different sections and parts of the country on the very same day along with the UPSC CDS Paper. Examinations the written examination for the India paper was conducted and held on 14 November 2021. The cut-offs for the same paper are expected to be around 350 to 360 marks. The UPSC will be declaring the list of candidates who have cleared the paper by the end of the December. This paper was out of a total of 900 marks. The final cut-offs for the NDA paper will be out of a total of 1800 marks. ( 900 marks for written examination and 900 for the SSB Interview).


NDA 2 2021 Sectional Cut Offs 

Qualifying India caught off for each subject will be again same as 25%. That means each candidate needs to score a minimum of 25% in Section 1 and section 2 respectively the candidates are also required to meet equal standards for both the returns and SSB into examination. On the basis of the NDA Written examinations for the candidates would be recommended for admission into Indian Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the national Defence Academy and Naval Academy for the course starting January 2022.

NDA 2 2021 Expected Cut-offs

Written Exam
Final Cut Offs

How is the NDA Cut-offs calculated by the expert team at NCA?

We at NCA realise a large number of sections and according to them we publish the cut-off on the following factors
  1. The difficulty of the paper.
  2. The number of serious candidates giving examinations.
  3. Comparing it with the paper that has come earlier.
  4. And finally, the number of seats allocated.

Previous years NDA 2 cut offs

NDA 2 cut offs (Sectional Cut Offs)
330 (with at least 25% marks in each subject)
325 (with at least 25% marks in each subject)
258 (with at least 25% marks in each subject)
229 (with at least 25% marks in each subject)

The candidates can download the mathematics and GAT answer key for all Sets A, B, C and D from the New Careers Academy website. This is the most accurate answer key as it has been prepared by the experts.

For more detailed solutions for mathematics one can look at the video solutions of all the questions which are given below the following link for the mathematics NDA 2 2021 solution key.

Also we have added the detailed video solutions for NDA to 2021 GAT sections For sets A/B/C and D. this is the most accurate answer key and you can also ask us from where the answer has come. The entire answer and the solutions are from a Notes.