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UPSC NDA (1)  Answer Key 2018 – The UPSC NDA (1) 2018 Answer/solution  Key will be published by us at NEW Careers Academy . The NDA 1 2018 paper is to to be held on the April 22, 2018. Candidates who are going to appear for UPSC NDA (1) 2018 can know about their NDA answer key and to know the correct answers and estimate marks before result of NDA will be disclosed, they can know that much earlier than the actual date by going through our answer key . The NDA Answer Key will be published subject/paper-wise and set-wise by us in maximum of 3 days time along with some short cut methods . You can Check more details about the UPSC NDA (1) Answer/Solution  Key set 2018 from us in the below mentioned link .
UPSC NDA Answer Key 2018
Name of exam: UPSC NDA & NA 2018 [National Defence Academy (NDA) & Naval Academy (NA)]

Conducted by: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
Date of exam: 22 Apr 2018
Papers: GAT, Mathematics

Answer key: NDA 2018 Answer key will be published on our website in maximunm of 72 hours from the date of the paper.
How to Download NDA Answer Key 2018

Just tally the questions with the answer we have marked

Calculating Score through NDA (1) 2018 Answer Key 2018
GAT contains 150 questions of 600 marks. Which means that correct answer fetches +4 marks. For the incorrect answer, one-third the marks of question is deducted. Which means that 4/3 is the negative marking. Therefore marks obtained in GAT is
Number of correct answers x 4 – Number of incorrect answers x 4/3
Mathematics has 120 questions of 300 marks. Therefore each question is of +2.5 marks for the correct answer. One-third marks assigned to question is deducted as negative marking for incorrect answer and therefore it means that negative marks for incorrect answer is -2.5/3. Hence marks obtained in Mathematics is
Number of correct answers x 2.5 – Number of incorrect answers x 2.5/3

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Nda 1 2018 missing questions of mathematics from above set



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we will soon be posting the entire paper in tabular form ..


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Certain errors please correct them in then In the answer key while checking

1. I am used to stand in queues

2. Aids is caused by a virus double stranded RNA

3.  which of the following is not found in Prokaryotic cell? Mitochondria

4. Which of the following statement is true about a fluid at rest in a cup ? all three are correct

5. Which element is needed by the human body to transfer electerical signals by nerve cell? Sodium

6. Which is correct about electronic waves, sound ways and water waves ? (a) 1, 2 and 3

7.which one of the following is correct sequence of levels of hierarchy of classification of organism from higher to lower ?
Phylum – class- order – family – genus

8. Which of the following statements about classification of plants is correct ?
Vascular system is not found among Brophytes

9. Which of the following statements about meristematic tissues in plants is correct ?
growth occurs in plants due to division of cells of these tissues

10.which of the following types of tissues will have contractile proteins ?
Muscle tissues

11. Which of the following metals is used in the filaments of photo- electric cells thats converts light energy into electric energy?

12.Which of the following statements about “Aadi Mahotsav” held recently in New Delhi is /a re correct ?
Both 1 and 2

13.Arnold toynbee was the one who first used the term “Industrial revolution” in English to describe the changes that occurred in british Industrial Development between 1760 and 1820?

14.On which phenomena the simple periscope works on ?
Reflection of light

15. There are a few miscellaneous items to discuss in this meeting.
(c) homogenous
16. The company was liquidated place is good for business.
(c) flourishing
17. Which of the following properties is true for a tooth paste?
(d) It is made up of calcium phosphate the material of tooth enamel.
18. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched?
(a)all are correct.



we will post the paper soon will be posting in tabular form

To calculate score with the help of the answer key the candidates must know the exam pattern for nda (1) 2018 answer key.
The scheme for the written papers  is mentioned below:-

The aspirants need to match the answers with that given in the answer key uploaded by us with the one they have marked . For marking all the correct answer, the marks should be added. For each incorrect response by the candidates , the marks will be deducted. In the end, the candidates will know their estimated score in the NDA (1)  2018 Paper .

Given above are answer keys by us.
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