Indian Navy to carry out major twin aircraft carrier operations off west coast in March

Indian Navy to carry out major twin aircraft carrier operations off west coast in March

February 18, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India [ANI]: Within the next ten days, the Indian Navy will conduct significant operations off the west coast of the country with the fleets of both of its aircraft carriers, according to Admiral R Hari Kumar’s announcement on Sunday.He stated in an exclusive interview with ANI that while both aircraft carriers—INS Vikramaditya and the locally built INS Vikrant—would remain in Vishakhpatnam for the duration of “Exercise Milan,” the twin carrier activities wouldn’t be visible for ten days.


For Exercise Milan, both carriers will be present. But in 10 days, the carriers will be operationalised, integrated into the fleet, and the fleet will participate, the Navy chief stated.After Exercise Milan is over, he added, “The escort ships and carriers will all head to the western seaboard.” We intend to incorporate them.Currently, the western seaboard is experiencing an unusually high level of operation due to the deployment of 10 of our ships for anti-drone measures and an additional 3–4 ships for anti-piracy operations. Earlier, this wasn’t the case,” the Navy head declared.He further stated that INS Vikrant would only be stationed on the east coast following the construction of the necessary facilities.

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Admiral Hari Kumar commented on the Defence Acquisition Council’s (DAC) approval of the C295 aircraft-based surveillance planes for the force: “It was approved yesterday. The Coast Guard has six aircraft, and the Navy has nine. Thus, fifteen aircraft in all.”The Navy chief went on to say that, in keeping with the goal of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (self-reliant India), the C295 aircraft will henceforth be manufactured in India.


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The important thing is that Tata Advanced Systems Limited and DRDO would work together to build the information management system and sensor suite. Since this is a developmental project, it will likely take at least four to five years before we receive the first aircraft, according to the Navy head. (ANI).

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