Indian Navy SSB Interview Procedure:

Many defense aspirants dream of being an Indian Navy officer or army officer or Air Force officer. There are several aspects that a candidate needs to focus while attending SSB Interview as one has to cross this barrier of selection to get recruited in defense services. So as to be selected in Indian defense services overall development of personality, knowledge and body is required. Candidate need to brush up his knowledge and bring him officer like qualities, in short one need to adapt an environment of defense services, discipline and attitude to get in SSB Interview. First step is to apply through exams like National defense academy (NDA) or combined defense service examination (CDSE) or Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT).

Second method is to apply various army, navy or air force courses and get admission through academic records after graduation through which a candidate needs to go for SSB Interview. SSB Interview is conducted as test in which there are different stages that candidate have to crack. It’s a complete procedure of 5 days and they are mentioned as below:

  • Day-1:

The very first day of selection is the stage-1, where the candidate faces picture perception and description test and intelligence test for the analyzing of aptitude level of candidate. The tests that are carried out are as follows:

  • Picture Perception and description test
  • Intelligence Test
  • Analyzing the Picture
  • Candidates need to focus on the vital points like facts, characters, moods in the image, Gender and their age. Keen observation is required when pictures are shown to aspirants for writing a brief story.
  • Day-2:

The second day of selection is based upon the selections that had happened before in the previous round of selection i.e. stage-1. Those candidates need to focus on the next stages that they will face for test like:

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self-Description Test

These tests are conducted to know that how much attention does candidate pay while observing and their sense of judging things and situations.

  • Day-3:

This is the stage from where the complete procedure of performing in a group is carried on that is known as GTO Round-1. In this stage candidates need to face several tasks like:

  • Group Discussion
  • Group Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group task.
  • Group Obstacle Race
  • Half Group Task
  • Day-4:

This is the stage-4 that is carried out after candidate clears their third round of interview which was carried on day-3 and in this stage the tasks carried are:

  • Individual Obstacles
  • Command tasks
  • Final Group Tasks
  • Day-5:

This round is last and final in which the candidates complete all the tough modes of task and last round in which conference is held where interview officer panel interview candidate i.e. personal interview is carried out on day-5 just normal round of questioning.

Once these all days are cleared candidate got hired as per his scoring in per round from day-1 to day-5.