During the SSB process the very first day there is a screening test which takes place which includes of OIR test and after that a person has to go through PPDT in which after writing down a story a person has to narrate his/her story within a minute of time in a group of 15-20 people after which as the last student stops speaking in the group . The group discussion starts in which everyone tries to come to a common conclusion towards the end of the discussion.

After writing down the story the sheets which a candidates have written their story are told to narrate their story during the collection of the papers and the narration minimum time a candidate has is a minimum of 10-15 min to prepare for the narration of his/her story. Here we would like to explain how can one improve his/her story narration in a more effective way.

Preparing Story Narration In Five Minutes Before PPDT

One can improve his/her story narration by the following simple steps .

1.One needs to calm himself/herself down before one starts the story narration. Instead of feeling nervous one needs to be calm as nervousness is hinderance.
2.One can crack a bit of jokes to relax himself think of the good memories before one starts revising the story. It helps calm people down .
3.Once has got a  control of his senses one needs to work on the main crux of his story.
4. One should try and not converting hindi sentences to english while thinking  but should try converting the complete sentences in English itself .
5. Keep on repeating your story in the mind again and again and not think of anything else while speaking
Make sure while revising your story think of the number of characters you saw and what was their moods and age start your story with that .
6. Make sure you mention how the hero is involved in the story and how you can add to his qualities while narration .
7. Keep the reach of words simple and do no try to use complex words in which you can get stuck on .
8. Remember to have a boisterous voice so that your voice commands a bit of listening to from everyone.
9.Where you think you can gets stuck on some english word say the hindi words substitute and continue speaking again .
10. Repeat speaking your story atleast 3-4 times in your mind before you enter the hall for discussion .