How To Prepare for SSC Tech SSB Interview

How To Prepare for SSC Tech SSB Interview, nca india’s leading coaching institute for SSB/AFCAT/NDA/CDS

Aspirants who could not get a call for TGC entry were sad because of the sudden increase of cut-off by the Indian army, but now they can chill and start preparing for this entry. This entry is for short service commission and handles aspirants who are graduates and done Engineering in various streams. The cut-off for this entry is expected to be low though it’s still not released, and it is anticipated that it will be published in the call letters of aspirants as done for TGC entry. None the less Indian army has published the list of SSB dates of this entry giving candidates an alert to start preparation. I am quite sure serious aspirants might have started their preparation who have seen their names in the centre allotment list of this entry published earlier on our blog.

Those who have still not started the preparation are a bit late but they can make up by immediately starting their preparation and building their personality profiles and working on psychology and personality development as an initial phase of preparation. SSB is something where one needs to reveal their true set of personality and the qualities that the assessors are looking for. Here I would like to make it very clear that SSC is a short service commission, and one would get a chance to serve for fourteen years. The services can be extended as per performance and need. So aspirants should be ready and start preparing as you will have about a month or so now for it now. How to prepare now will be the next question. Follow the below steps for it:

How To Prepare for SSC Tech SSB Interview

1. The preparation should start from the personality analysis because SSB needs a reflection of your very own personality rather than copying it of someone else. So one should know himself or herself first.

2. Once this is done, then only the practice of various rounds should be started.

3. For creating personality profiling, one should study the life events w.r.t OLQ’s and then find out what are their strength and weak areas. Accordingly weak areas should be worked on. Now I have developed certain tools that help in proper self-introspection that I use in, my mentorship program that is provided personally.

4. That makes life easy as one works one to one individually from their place itself, and all the weak areas are pointed so that one is aware on what needs to be worked on.

5.  Once the weak areas are rectified, then it’s very simple to reflect the personality rectified with OLQ’s in whatever you do in SSB. These are the simple mantra of preparation.

Follow these simple steps and never look for preparation where large groups are taken at one shot as there might be a risk of loss of individuality. Don’t try to copy recommended candidates or stories of others and always look for right guidance.  Still If you have any confusion or feel to take individual assessment of personality for OLQ’s or prepare from your place itself through one to one interaction through my mentoring / counselling program drop me a mail at [email protected] or add me on Fb and drop in a message. Start early and don’t wait more now. It’s the right time to work and achieve your goal. Keep reading our blog for more tips on this entry.