How To Prepare For NDA Written After 10th Class ?

A majority of parents and students are wanting to join Nda in case of students. And, in the case of parents it is their life long Dream to see their kids in NDA as officers. In the blog below we will try to list down various points one needs to keep in mind while preparing for NDA. In addition, to that how can one full fill their life long dream of joining NDA (National Defence Academy)Pune.


1. After finishing 10 th the subjects to be taken should be preferably PCM i.e. Physics,Chemistry And Mathematics.

2. If one does not want non medical stream , then also mathematics needs to be taken as a Compulsory subject.

3. In addition, one having non medical will be eligible for all fields.Meaning, Indian Army, Navy and Airforce. But, if you are not having physics and maths you will only be eligible for Indian Army.

4. Coming to what to do when a ward joins in 11 th class. The most important focus should be on mathematics.

5. Why may one ask? Well, that is because without a minimum percentage in mathematics paper one cannot clear the NDA Written examination.

6. Now to a simple question should one join a 2 year NDA Programme or should one join NDA coaching for 2 years with School?


Well let us start by putting things in point to give you more clarity on the topic slated above

1. Each parent and student is tensed about their future and want to make the best use of the opportunity.

2. In addition, most important is knowing NDA syllabus. It is an UPSC paper much different from what you face for entrance examinations such as Engineering Examinations.

3. What subjects are common in NDa syllabus and +11 and +12 th syllabus. Let’s answer that, only thing common is maths ( but that includes short trick methods in Nda). Ass per science it’s absolutely basic from 7 th to 12 th standard not with numerical. The different topics are. It includes English vocabulary, sentence rearrangement, grammar along with general studies 11th and 12th social sciences.

4. Now a simple question before one is can we burden a child with all the subjects together. the answer is no. As 11 th std maths and science get much tougher one should concentrate on them.

5. In addition, NDA paper is held twice a year . One in April other in September. So a child will become eligible in his 12 th to give Nda examination. Hence after September that is in his 12th he can concentrate on his main subjects that is PCM again.

6. For your ease we have added a video below giving information about how to prepare after 10 th class and also what is the NDA paper like.

For you ease we also have added WICH IS THE BEST TIME TO PREPARE FOR NDA ?

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Hope all the above points help you in choosing the best for you .