How to Prepare for CDS Exam:

CDS or Combined Defence Service is an exam that includes entrance exam for all the wings of Indian Defence. Navy, Army, Air Force and Military selection of candidates is done through this entrance exam of CDS and once candidate cracks all the procedure then they are sent in the mentioned centres as chosen by them of desired wing for orientation training. Students need to focus on the certain things before commencing preparation of Combined Defence service and here are some of the tips that one should follow while preparing:

  • As every wing has different criteria of written exam and one should know about the syllabus of the wing that they are preparing for. English and General Knowledge are common in all the wings but in IMA, IAF and NA three papers are conducted namely paper-1, paper-2 and paper-3 , in which candidate also needs to crack elementary mathematics exam.
  • Depending upon the difficulty level candidate should prepare for the exam depending on the pattern.
    CDS Exams
  • Speed and accuracy is the mantra for success in the exam of all the wings of defence services. Candidate needs to develop fast responsive time for all the queries especially for elementary mathematics or aptitude test.
  • Candidates need to decide the basic hours for studying in daily routine with fixed hours that should not be forbidden any time for any reason until exam time. As, one needs to devote time for every subject daily without fail.
  • Books are the source through which candidate prepare for an exam, so refer good author books that are recommendable by expert which are in understandable to the student itself easily.
  • “Practice and practice makes a man perfect”, focus on this mantra while preparing for exam. One needs to practice and revise rapidly when once syllabus is all done specifically each and every topic of all subjects that are mandatory to prepare for exam.
  • Solve maximum of last year papers as there are lot of such books that include paper belonging to previous years of each subject in abundance. With this routine one comes to know more and more about the pattern of exam that they will face during exam time.
  • Avoid cramming rather than understanding, when one focus on understanding the topic that is easy to practice and review in later time.

That’s all one need to follow for cracking exam, it’s not easy to maintain the routine abut work hard can bring all in the track when one have strong determination to grab success in exam. To all the aspirants of CDS Best of Luck!!!!!!!