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A large number of candidates are looking forward to clear the Nda Examination . To find their place in the coveted institution at NDA PUNE . For this large number of a candidates want to crack the Nda examination. Majority of you will  be inclined to join top Nda coaching academy in india.

But, this is not easy as there is loads of competition. Like, around 5 lakh students attempt the paper. And Finally, a total of only 10000 make it to the interview stage. Getting to this stage is not easy as it requires large amount of hardwork and smart work. Similarly, in the preceding  text we  will be going through how can one do this. Hence, read the text and steps below carefully.


1. One should know what comes in the paper, the paper is in 2 parts maths and english

2. The maths section is 120 questions and 300 marks and general ability section 150 questions and then 600 marks

3. One needs to score 25 % in each subject to clear NDA EXAMINATION. With, overall marks anything between 35-40 % depending on the difficulty level of the paper.

4. Meaning, you should be scoring a minimum score of 75 marks in mathematics .

5. Now comes the smart work on needs to attempt those question first in mathematics which are easy first are no lengthy. One should apply shortcut methods. Like we apply in the papers at NCA . Below is a video of the solved NDA 2 2019 paper with shortcuts . Make sure you pause after seeing the question solve it by yourself and then see how can the speed be reduced.

6. Moving on to the second portion of the paper. The paper has a total of 150 questions each of 4 marks each .

7. Adding on, the first 50 questions are of english and these are bonus marks. if one prepares well for vocabulary and the sentence rearrangement with comprehension.

8. Concluding, if one gets 35 questions correct it would mean scoring 140 marks out of 200 marks. Thereby, if your target marks are 240 marks out of 600 in general studies. In finality, all you require now is just 100 moe marks out of gas section which can be done easily through science section.

9. What content to read? Majority of the students scroll large number of books, but that does not help. One needs to read the best and the most important content . Look at previous years papers and list what is important.Like for example in maths you have probability as on one of the easiest and simpler topic followed by t ratios . In case of English vocabulary is a must. For preparing for Nda Coaching

10. Finally, what will make a difference is number of hours you do self study. One needs to put in hours with quantity and quality also. Knowing, NDA is an UPSC paper and so much syllabus is there one needs to be in good spirits. And, if you feel a bit low one needs to cool down take a break see something that inspires you and go at it again

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