How to clear nda in first attempt top 10 tips

This blog deals with tips to clear nda in the first attempt A candidate who wants to clear his Nda Written examination needs to focus on the following points and needs to keep these points in mind for clearing the NDA 1 2024 written examination . One needs to plan and focus in advance and set a schedule in such a way that they clear the paper in one go. 

A large number of candidates do not have a proper approach while appearing for the Nda Written examination. Hence it is very good photo of the focus and channelise their energies in the right way. Following are the top 10 tips to clear your Nda 1 2024 written examination .



Top 10 Tips to clear NDA 1 2024 written examination in one go ?

Following are the top 10 tips to clear your Nda 1 2024 written examination .

  1. The most important thing before you start for the preparation of NDA is to set a timetable and follow it regularly.
  2. One should identify different sections of the NDA written  paper that is paper one and paper two and further subdivide the sections to clear  the paper so that once and for all you clear the paper.
  3. Steps to prepare for paper one that is mathematics. The candidates who are preparing for Nda Examination should focus on paper one that is mathematics and should aim to at least for 40% in the paper. Start with the easiest topics where a large number of shortcuts can be employed. That is why NCA Academy is your path to success as we prepare shortcut methods for the same. 
  4. Step two is prepared for paper to focus on English as it is 200 marks and one can easily score 160 marks out of these. Prepare on grammar and vocabulary which would be approximately 120 marks.
  5. No further into paper to divide your time for science social sciences and current affairs respectively then such a way that each topic is well prepared.
  6. Go through test related to every topic of mathematics and start with monthly complete mock test to analyse where you are standing. This will surely help you clear nda examination in the first attempt itself 
  7. It is important to go through previous years that house to understand what is the minimum score one requires to clear the examination for Nda Written.
  8. Follow a study schedule and devote at least four hours each day for self preparation. 
  9. Focus on your goals give yourself small small rewards on completion of certain tasks. For example if you have decided to complete one topic of mathematics today, then after the completion of the task give yourself certain towards so as to keep on self motivating. 
  10. Give sufficient time to relaxation and do not take too much stress when you are not able to get some topics. Take a break take help of your seniors and educators or mentors. At NCA there Is daily mentor support available to help you achieve your goals. 


The following steps will go in a long way in helping you achieve success in NDA 1 2024 written paper . 


The NDA 2024 Examination is your dream step towards joining the defence forces. NDA examination is available to both unmarried boys and girls, aged between 16 1/2 to 19 1/2 at the date of joining. The end examination is all about focusing  the energies in the right direction and reading the right content which is very important. It is also important that the candidate studies with the right focus and the right amount of energy in the right direction. Hence your destination for choosing The Best Nda Coaching In India , join NCA and develop yourself as young officer in the Indian Armed Forces. And remember the tips to clear your nda in first attempt

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