We would like to discus. How much time one needs to give to each subject in NDA Preparation

The large number of candidates are not able to make a proper study plan as to how and when how much time should be devoted for different subjects. We have tried to make and devise a very simple study plan for you which will help you focus on different sections according to the weightage and according to the importance in the UPSC NDA written  examinations.

The NDA paper consist of two sections section a 120 questions of mathematics which is of 300 marks. Section B which is 150 question of 600 marks.

The required percentage in each section and not each subject is 25%. So to pass the paper one needs a minimum of 75 marks in mathematics and 150 marks in section B of the NDA examination. Considering previous years God of the God of should remain between 360 to 380 marks . Which is an overall 40+ percentage marks along with negative marking.

What subjects are the most crucial to clear NDA

Stated above maths is it compulsory to pass the end examination so every day at least 2 1/2 hours should be put on the mathematics topic and a student can easily score 40 percentage marks in Nda even by studying simple topics. Just for an example we have added the Nda 1 2021 paper which shortcut methods so as to show that what all topics are very easy and can be done in limited time.