Everyone who has their parents/grandparents who have been a part of the Armed Forces . Will identify with the various things that are associated with Army  families . There is something different in the way all the defence kids are brought up which makes them totally different from others. Also the traditions and the upbringing makes not only the men but also the families different .Here is a look into some of the few things which sets us apart.

1. When you have to go for Wedding or Some Function

There are times when you are Invited to some marriage Function at 19.00 hrs . To all the faujis it means exactly 19.00 hrs and hence Faujis can never be late, they make it a point to reach there atleast five minutes in advance. To be greeted by just waiters and the decoration staff . Well Atleast the value of time is know to them alone.

marriage hall

2. The Time When Your Dad Comes Back Home For Holidays

Well one can surely say goodbye to the extra morning  sleep which one used to get before ones dad comes home. You get to hear early morning lectures on fitness and the time gets even better when your Fauji Dad beats you in running . Leaving you wondering what should i do next to please him.


3. You are Packing and Traveling Every Now And Then

Being a Part of the Fauji Family you are packing and traveling all the time, the added bonus to being a part of the Fauji Family You are traveling and packing all the time . The whole of the India is your home and you are its resident . By the time you become a Major you have traveled the whole of the country along the length and the breadth and the black wooden and iron boxes hold many of your things . With your Dad’s Name on each of them .


4. During Holidays

True fauji kids would know this during your holidays when your friends are visiting exotic locations . You are generally visiting the cantt. in which your Dad is posted . Not that we are complaining, as there are a share of activities to do there .


5. The Parties in the Defence

Well what can one say about the parties of Faujis . One is visiting generally the S.O.I and D.S.O.I. on all the days and is a part of the fun and frolic there . With so many defence kids around one does not feel out of place . And To add that there is always one Uncle who tends to crack jokes and  has that hidden talent in him (be it singing or Dancing)  making you feel extra special. And not to forget the ever favorite Tambola and the SNOW BALL that follows suit.


6. The Dinning

Well what shall i say about Food and the manners  this is something most Faujis cant miss. Dare you be late for breakfast when the time set for it is exact 07.00 hrs. Five minutes late and you miss your breakfast . While using the folk and the knife dare it makes a sound with the Plate. You see your dad looking at you with those staring eyes as to some serious mistake you have done .


Well we hope you had a hearty laugh reading this as we will be back with with more of the same soon . Keep visiting and help share this article Fauji Families .