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Attention all Army Brats!

This is something you will closely relate to a lot !!

How many times have you whats,apped your dad and had this feeling as to how army the reply was.

Everybody has exceptional love for their dad,s but army dads are extra special. They are  firm and strongwilled but the faujipan shows in everything that they do be it folding their clothes or that systematic order or typing a text.

Like Normal people Army dad’s do not at all believe in the idea of using short forms or in the case of informal writing. What they write has to be absolutely complete with proper English and punctuation. So, here it goes .

1. When you go shopping.


2. When they go shopping.

IMG_39083. When terms are new

IMG_39144. When praise is confused with sarcasm.

IMG_39135. When the times are different.

IMG_39116. When you get the speech.