With the date of the NDA 2021 papers extended to 14 September 2021 one can for sure say. The cut offs for NDA 2 2021 Paper will be increased and enhanced . So how can one prepare the score well in the NDA 2 2021 paper.

Firstly, it is to make a proper plan and schedule for the upcoming examinations. One needs to set a timetable of minimum number of hours one needs to do self-study to clear this paper.

Secondly, the other thing the candidate can do is give a lot of mock tests to analyse his performance how is he improving and what all things can he do to further enhance his score.

Thirdly, prepared on the way topics make sure that enough time is being devoted the first two months on the week topics and when the time comes shift the focus towards topics such as one finds easy.

Fourthly, one needs to go through previous years papers especially the papers which have been conducted very recently it will help them increase the score and also to figure out the latest pattern of the paper.

Fifthly, make sure one recapture late and revises everything one does after every week hence a weekly test on the papers one prepares needs to be given.

Sixthly, the candidate needs to focus on and not lose attention in between the candidate needs to be focused and stay positive.

And finally, an institute which would help them learn and revise at the same time provide topics of the most important covering mathematics English and GK in detail so that the candidate can easily clear his paper. For which we at NCA are apt and the best  NDA coaching academy in India .