Guarantee a score of 150+ in NDA Paper English Section 

Guarantee a score of 150+ in NDA English Section 

The NDA examination consists of two sets of papers. 

Paper one is related to mathematics and and paper two is related to General ability test.

Here we will be discussing paper II in detail. And specifically the English section in detail for upcoming NDA Examination. The General cut-offs for the end examination or 360 out of total of 900 and it is very easy to score, very highly in English and reach towards the total cut-off . There are a total of 50 questions in Nda paper. Each question carries out a weightage of four marks for correct response and -1.33 for a wrong response and 0 marks for no response. 

Lets discussing about the paper of English in detail and how to score above 150 in the paper off English out of 200 is given below 

How to Score 150 + marks in English alone In NDA Examination 

The candidates should read this topic properly and understand accordingly how easy it is to crack the nda examination provided you know how to maximise your score in different sections. It is about smart  work mixed with hard work lets you build your score to a very high number that you can easily crack the nda examination in one go. 

NDA Syllabus

First lets break the topics of nda section wise according to different papers 

Paper  Nda 2 2023  Nda 1 2023 Nda 2 2022 NDA 1 2022
Section Wise Break Up Total Questions 50 Total Questions 50 Total Questions 50 Total Questions 50



5 Question 10 Questions 10 Question 10 Question
Synonyms  10 Question 10 Questions 10 Question 10 Question

Rearrangement of sentences 

  10 Questions 10 Question 10 Question
Spotting Errors  10 Question 10 Questions 10  Question 10 Question
Fill in The blanks  10 Question      
Usage of paired words 10 Question      
Idioms and phrases   10 Questions 10  Question 10 Question
Comprehension 5 Question      

As per the above statical data it is evident the topic which is coming the maximum is spotting errors and vocab . So the candidate needs to lay special emphasis on all the above said questions. If your vocab is enhanced one can easily score more than 100 in the paper it required hard work and the zeal to do better and better . 

How to enhance vocabulary ?

The simplest way way of learning vocabulary is writing down five words from the newspaper daily and finding all the synonyms and antonyms related to that word.

Secondly, start practising these words n your daily usage by speaking it with your friends neighbours or relatives daily.

And Finally, if you have any problem scroll through various YouTube channels which teach the same and guarantee words are coming the same as in your papers. We at NCA make sure we do 4000 vocal words enhance your word power and help build your diction skills. 

Usage of Paired Words 

Usage of paired words is something new which has been added up recently in the NDA examination. Again this is based on vocabulary and is very simple if one knows the vocabulary well enough. The words sounds similar have different spellings but have different meanings and are used in different sense 

YouTube link



Prepare Rearrangement of Sentences 

The candidates should prepare re arrangement on sentences pretty well as we keep on getting repeated and every year 10 questions come for the same. If you have a mastery over it you are bound to get 40 marks atleast so make sure you do these topics carefully and have fun mastery over them. 

And Finally, Do Idiom and Phrases 

 A Regular occurrence in the nda paper this a topic which has been coming up again and again. It was only in NDA 2 2023 paper it did not show up . But that does not mean it will loose it significance. One needs to do it really well and make sure they get the best our if it. 

Note : Even if you do not do grammar and focus on this you wills core 150 plus makes for sure and will easily make the merit list . Provided you have mastery over these topics

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