Recommended For ACC SSB

Abhishkeh Saru Abhishek Saru Chest No. :32
Board :20 SSB Bhopal Entry : ACC Reported :208 Screened In :40 Finally Recommended :2 Day 1 On the first day, 312 candidates reported out of which around 30 were repeaters. I was allotted Chest No. 305. In the OIR test, I did all the questions.Then in PPDT, the picture shown was not blurred rather it was crystal clear.Everyone saw four people sitting on an elephant. After the story, discussion was about to start and till it started I kept on revising the story in my mind. I narrated the story well but in discussion it was hard to speak as everyone was shouting.So I kept quiet.Then the assessors asked to give the final story and everyone began raising hands.They said not to raise hands and asked to directly stand up and give the idea of the final story. Four candidates gave the idea and after that I gave an idea.As I gave my idea, they declared the discussion was over and we all waited for the results.I was confident about my result. Day 2 On the second day,we had the psych test. It began with TAT and I made good stories reflecting OLQ's as taught to me at NCA.Also in the negative pictures like someone lying dead, boy drowning, I did mention the negative things but I turned it into positive ending. (this is most important please call spade a spade) For the blank slide, I wrote the story on my biggest achievement of my life. In WAT, I think I did 55 words.In some words, I could not think. In SRT, I did only 26.But I wrote all the answers nicely. In SDT, I wrote examples to project my qualities and avoided the adjectives. The moment Psych Test was over, I came to know that I'd be interviewed that day only. I think I got a break of half an hour before my interview. I was interviewed by an Additional IO. As I entered, I saw two assessors sitting there.The first one asked me questions from the PIQ. After that the second one asked me about the neighbouring places of my hometown. The interview went for about 45 mins Day 3 and 4 We had GTO Day 1. First task conducted was Group Discussion. The two topics we discussed upon were Education System and Increasing Crime. All of us gave chance to each other to speak and didn't fight or shout. The second was GPE. In this I was nominated to deliver the final plan and the GTO agreed with our plan. Then we had PGT and all of us gave ideas to cross the obstacles. In HGT, again we were able to cross over the obstacle. In Lecturette, I didn't bother to look over the last two topics and I chose the second one, Changing Weather Pattern.I spoke for 3 mins fluently. Day 4 It was GTO Day 2. First of all,we had Individual Obstacles.I did 7 obstacles. Then we had Command Task. In this task, GTO went very informal with me while I was doing the task.He asked me about my favorite actress and why she was my favorite.He kept smiling all the time. As I completed the task, he asked my subordinates to look another side and he asked me alone to carry the helping materials and complete the task alone.While doing the task, I took all the precautions and I never stepped in the out of bound area.My Command Task went for about 15 to 20 mins. Then came the FGT.In this also, we gave the ideas and the GTO agreed with us. Day 5 It was Conference. They took about 10 mins before calling me. As I entered and wished the President, the one who asked me the questions in the interview he asked me those questions which I could not answer in the interview. I had already prepared myself for those questions.I answered those questions and then asked me for suggestions.I said No Sir and my conference was over. The results were announced and one more candidate got recommended.