Five essential Things one needs to prepare before the S.S.B. Interview Process


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What are the essential requirement one needs to prepare before the Interview ?

There are certainly some things which  candidate need to keep in mind before going for the Interview and one needs to about the Organisation one is going to join. Hence a Candidate needs to know certain things about the organisation for sure . These are

1,The various Commands and Headquarters of the various services
2.The Ranks in Order of the organisation one will be a part of be it Indian Navy, Indian Army or Indian Airforce
3. Who is the Present Chief of Staff ?
4. Recent Defence deals if done recently (example raffle deal recently )
5. Various Parts In the organisation like ( for example Navy, one can be asked the various type of Naval ships ex. destroyer, submarine , frigates, aircraft carrier etc.)

Also if one is from the defence back ground and has gone for the SSB he/she is likely to be asked the following question .



5 things candidates with defence background must prepare

1.They should know the complete details of the rank retired or serving, the  year of joining services.
2. Details about the Unit/Squadron deployed in
3. Ranks of that very organisation your parent or sibling is in
4. f you are joining some other organisation then why so ? ( for example you are planning to join Indian airforce and your father was in Indian Army then what is the reason for this change )
5. Everything can be asked related to your fathers line of work his posting to the courses he did in the services . How does that inspire you to join the services and how does being in a defence establishment help you towards joining the services ?

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