Decoding The Importance of PIQ at the SSB

Decoding The Importance of PIQ at the SSB, SSB interview, ssb coaching institute in india, ssb training center

The Interview is a process by which the Interviewing officer gets to know about the person he is Interviewing. The SSB Interview is more or less a personal meeting between the Interviewing officer and the candidate in which the I.O. gets to know about the inherent qualities of a candidate, how well versed is the candidate with himself and the surroundings.
At the Service Selection Board the Interview is conducted in a structured way to evaluate the try potential of the candidate or to see what all inherent OLQ’s he posses within a specific time frame.

In this methodology, a preplanned questions are put forward by the Interviewing officer so as to obtain answer from the candidates, which help him assist and asses the true PERSONALITY TRAITS or which we usually term as OLQ’s or Officer like qualities.

The PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) consists of basic information about the candidate about his name place of residence, educational qualification with percentage for each year along with his family details which would include his parents name salary occupation and also about ones participation in sports and other extra curricular activities etc. A candidate is required to fill up two copies of the same after clearing the Screening Test(which consists Of PPDT and Intelligence Test). The PIQ is the first impression a candidates gets to create on the I.O. And the Psychologist.  A form should never be filled up in a hurry, also one should try avoid cutting and over writing.  One should make sure he writes the complete P.I.Q. form with the best of his availability. Therefor make sure you fill the form properly and to best of your knowledge without concealing any facts.
The P.I.Q.  is the basic background information of the candidate. The P.I.Q. however does not dal with the candidates ability to adapt, his contribution towards life and work, whether he has social qualities to get along with his/her colleagues or friends, what are the problem areas, social activities and leadership potential etc. The interviewing Officer would make a set of questions before hand to evaluate these factual aspects in a candidate and bring it out of the candidate.

Hence a candidate must give proper information about his experiences and his/her participation in all the activities mentioned by him in the PIQ during his/her Interview.

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