Complete ‪‎NDA1 2015‬ Analysis and Expected Cut-Offs

Hello to all my future aspiring officers, who have given there NDA Written Examinations recently. Most of the students are having a query as to what would be the cut-offs, and after the written examinations what all can be done.

Well gentlemen, seeing previous years analysis one thing upsc has made clear there will be sectional cut off with minimum 35% required in Paper 1 (maths) and Paper 2 (G.A.T. Section). So one thing which can be inferred from this for ‪#‎NDA‬(1)2015 THE sectional cut off will be 35%+ and the overall cut off considering previous years cut offs would come out to be 40%+ ..

Now the next doubt that comes in everybody’s mind is can the cut off decrease or change. My dear friends as per the previous years pattern’s the cut offs have only increased not decreased and that could be the case even now . So according to this pattern i believe any student scoring 380+ overall and having 35%+ in each section can safely get through, and he can look forward to preparing for the second section of the test that is the ‪#‎serviceselectionboard‬. But, please do verify your answers from authentic sources and make sure you check it from 2-3 authentic sites.

As per this years papers our staff at ‪‎New Careers Academy‬ has been able to identify atleast two questions were wrong in this years paper were wrong they being as following
Question1. From english section the question which was wrong is
The workers are hell bent at getting what is due to them
in this case the best option suited to it was
The workers are hell bent upon getting what is due to them

and the second question which was wrong is a physics question
If radius of the earth were to shrink by 1%, its mass remaining the same then g, would decrease nearly by

In this case the answer would always be increase
as g is inverse of R …
So friends apart from this paper was correct, and the papers standard was good enough, with consistency of what UPSC demands of the candidate.

The paper was no surprise as there is always a 10% section in the paper which is difficult and the UPSC wants the candidates who haven’t studied to attempt it and get negative marks . Such questions are best avoided.
So if any of you aspiring candidates have further doubts regarding ‪‎NDA written‬ ‪#‎examinations‬ you can contact me or the mentors here at Newcareers Academy
or log into www.ncaacademy.com to know more also you can verify the answers on the same given address .

In my next blog i will be talking about what can those candidates do who are securing enough marks to pass the examination and how to move onto your ‪‎ssb interview selection‬

Happy Reading! God Bless you all in Achieving your goal